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Fight Fans Boxing Book of the Week - Flight of the Hawk: The Aaron Pryor Story
The autobiography of a man who was probably the most furious boxer of the 1980's, and lived just as fast out of the ring. Follow his rise to the top, bottoming out as a addict to his ultimate redemption as a minister.

As of Wednesday, June 26, 2002 Name Fed ID # COM Start Date Length of Action Abernathy, Earl (MO037506) MO 07/11/00 retired by MO Abeyta, Ed (NM053814) NM 04/30/02 60 days Aboubacar, Abdou (NY047197) NY 08/11/99 indefinite Accord, Mihac (00000000) OH 02/13/01 indefinite Acevedo, Amado (PR018174) PR 06/19/97 needs EEG Acevedo, Nick (NY015779) NV 03/29/02 doc must ok right thumb or until 09/29/02 Acosta, Patricia (TX059442) TX 06/21/02 30 days Acuna, Ramon (CA031421) see Ramon Gomez Adams, Anthony (MS0568660 MS 06/14/02 12 days Adams, Clarence (NV026447) NV 02/23/02 doc must ok right hand or until 08/23/02 Adams, Eugene (NC035961) NC 01/30/99 indefinite/$400 fine Adams, Fenton (NY055900) NY 06/16/01 ortho needed left shoulder Adams, Fred (FL029088) MAC 11/03/01 opthamatic doc must ok Adams, Fred (FL029088) FL 01/19/02 needs neuro/catscan Adams, Jordan (IN057697) IN 06/19/01 needs updated HIV test Adorno, Pascasio (PR041030) PR 11/11/98 needs EEG & neuro evaluation Adorno, Wilfredo (PR042777) PR 05/15/97 needs EEG Aguila, Miguel (LA004891) CA 05/24/02 45 days Aguilar, Eric (00000000) PAN 04/17/96 indefinite Aguilera, Victor (HI046185) HI/ABC03/28/00 CA must renew Fed ID card Aguzum, Alpaslan (00000000) GER 08/28/01 until 07/06/02 Aiello, Philip (00000000) NY indefinite Ajayi, Sampson (00000000) NY needs EEG Ajvazoski, Orhan (00000000) GER 04/13/02 until 07/13/02 Alarcon, Corey (CO053198) CO 05/05/02 needs neuro Albino, Ruben (PA049063) PA 07/19/00 $100 fine/must supply negative drug test to PA Alejandro, Hector (00000000) NJ 06/29/01 needs neuro Alejandro, Luis (PR026642) see Luis Yampier Alexander, Kanovas(OH051734) SC 04/12/01 needs EEG, EKG, catscan & neuro Alexander, Nelson (TX048842) TX 05/17/02 45 days Alexander, Paris (CA014403) CA 06/09/00 retired by CA Alfred, Shondelle (00000000) ONT 09/23/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Alhassan, Liyadi (00000000) NJ 01/27/01 needs catscan & neuro Ali, Classius (00000000) MAC 11/03/01 indefinite Ali, Kato (00000000) see Anthony Curry Ali, Laila (CA055681) MS 06/07/02 18 days Allen, Arthur (00000000) ONT 10/12/01 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Allen, Christopher(PA049896) RI 11/26/97 indefinite Allen, Earl (SC034413) SC 02/28/02 needs catscan Allen, Kevin (PA061359) PA 05/30/02 45 days Almager, Mary (TX010729) TX 06/14/02 24 days Almazan, Justo (CA027235) CA 06/18/02 45 days Alonzo, Jose (00000000) CA 09/29/96 needs ophthalmological exam Alvarado, Pedro (00000000) NY indefinite Alvarez, Carlos (CA059007) CA 06/18/02 45 days Alvarez, Lizardo (second) FL 06/10/91 revoked Alvarez, Nelson (00000000) NY 01/17/01 indefinite Alvarez, Sebastian(PR054172) PR 03/26/99 needs EEG Alvarque, Fausto (IL060173) NY 04/27/02 60 days Amador, Faustino (NV034201) CUL 10/08/98 indefinite Amador, Jorge (FL054418) MAC 04/18/99 indefinite Amador, Jorge (FL054418) FL 01/19/00 indefinite Amaral, Mauricio (00000000) QUE 06/30/98 indefinite/needs ophthalm exam Amaro, Daniel (MA055896) GA 04/27/02 60 days Amato, William (CA046023) CA 11/14/98 retired by CA Amos, Derek (MD015057) PA 03/25/02 needs catscan/eye exam & blood pressure checked Amparo, Jorge (00000000) CA 10/05/00 retired by CA Ananai, Sumya (MO044920) TX 06/21/02 12 days Anchondo, Michael (CA057731) CA 05/23/02 doc must ok left scalp or 60 days Andersen, Christian (TX057393) TX 06/14/02 18 days Anderson, Edward (00000000) DC 06/15/02 30 days Anderson, Terry (00000000) NJ 12/02/95 needs EEG Andrade, Diego (TX028610) TX 10/25/01 indefinite Andrade, Diego (TX028610) MONT 03/15/02 indefinite Andreske, Mark (00000000) PA 02/18/97 indefinite/6 straight losses Andrews, Anthony (NY013173) MP 05/26/00 needs catscan & neurological ok Angeles, Jose (MA056340) MP 08/10/01 indefinite/contact MP commission Angeles, Lucio (CA022884) CA 05/28/98 retired by CA Angulo, Marcos (00000000) PAN 11/29/97 needs complete medicals Antonelli, John (CT040892) NY 08/18/95 needs EEG/catscan & complete eye exam Antuofermo, Vito (00000000) NY 09/11/93 indefinite Apellaniz, Luis (PR020581) PR 04/24/97 needs EEG Applebaum, Philip (00000000) NY indefinite Aragon, Ramon (00000000) YBC 08/12/00 doc must ok right eye Aranda, Ameth (CA005536) CA 09/07/01 retired by CA Araujo, Manuel (CA016271) CA 01/26/98 retired by CA Arbubakar, Jamal (00000000) NY 01/27/93 indefinite Arcand, Crystal (00000000) ONT 03/07/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Arce, Javier (PR025378) PR 03/26/98 needs EEG Arce, Orlando (PR037865) PR 02/06/98 RED FLAG/call PR Comm Arellano, Manuel (CA011248) CA 07/09/99 retired by CA Arentzen, Jerry (NJ033533) PA 06/27/01 retired by PA Arias, Jose (RI021304) RI 11/05/99 indefinite Arias, Juan (CA031041) TN 06/08/02 30 days/must rene ID card Arlouski, Andrei (Mart.Art) NV 03/22/02 doc must ok lower lip or until 09/22/02 Armfield, Gerald (IN051616) OK 05/24/02 until 8/29/02//needs catscan must renew Fed ID card Arms, Michael (00000000) WI 08/12/92 needs EEG or catscan Armstead, Tyrone (IN020332) CA 02/22/02 180 days Armstead, Tyrus (00000000) NJ 06/01/02 30 days/needs neuro Armstrong, Rondell(OK037985) MO 07/19/00 indefinite Arnall, Alex (kick-box) MO 05/24/02 orthopedic doc must ok knee Arredondo, Rene (00000000) CA 06/10/97 retired by CA Arroyo, Harry (00000000) PA 02/09/93 indefinite/failed medicals Arroyo, Wilfredo (PA057802) PA 06/04/02 90 days Arthurs, Bobby (SC021247) TN 05/11/02 must renew Fed ID card Arthurs, Devin (NY042848) NY 02/19/99 indefinite Arunleung, Picheat(second) see Ganiel Fairtex Ashley, Michael (promoter) see Michael Pickler Attardo, Tom (MA045563) NY 05/30/02 indefinite Austin, Tyrone (OH057725) OH 08/01/96 indefinite Austin, Tyrone (OH057725) OH 01/07/01 suspended pending hearing Avagyan, Hovhannes(CA058395) CA 04/24/01 retired by CA Avila, Oscar (00000000) MONT 05/31/02 45 days Aviles, Julio (PR046707) PR 01/18/97 needs EEG & neuro Awdijan, Alichan (00000000) GER 06/01/02 until 09/01/02 Ayers, James (00000000) PA 04/11/97 must pass drug test & complete physical Babb, Sinclair (MA025564) MP 09/03/98 doc must ok right shoulder Badea, Tony (CA016781) STC 05/31/02 30 days Badillo, Jose (CA026640) TX 10/14/01 indefinite Baeza, Jorge (00000000) IL 12/13/91 needs EEG Bailey, Jeff (FL041295) FL 05/26/00 must drop to 265 lbs Bailey, Melinda (00000000) VA indefinite Bailey, Percy (00000000) ONT 06/16/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Bailey, Percy (00000000) NY 05/14/02 indefinite/abnormal MRI Bailey, Randall (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months Baker, James (DC017045) IL 02/10/02 must renew Fed ID card Baker, Joe (00000000) OH 12/04/96 needs medical exam Baker, Thomas (00000000) MD 04/13/91 indefinite Baldwin, Juan (TX019935) NJ 06/19/98 needs EEG Baldwin, Kevin (promoter) NY 07/20/01 indefinite Ball, Willie (00000000) CT 09/20/95 indefinite Baltazar, Frank (00000000) NV indefinite Banks, Tony (00000000) NY indefinite Barcelay, Alexis (FL039444) NJ 11/20/99 needs all medicals Barch, Paul Sonny (promoter) AR indefinite Bareno, Isaac (CA053015) CA 01/28/99 retired by CA Barker, Thomas (NY023400) PA 05/30/02 60 days Barksdale, George (MD048760) MD 09/15/99 indefinite Barnes, Richard (GA055613) GA 03/31/01 call GA Commission Barnes, Victor (NJ062448) NY 03/20/02 indefinite Barnes, William (00000000) MD indefinite Barnett, Ronald (IN064828) IN 06/01/02 60 days Barriera, Juan (00000000) FL 02/25/94 needs neuro Barrientos, German(manager) MEX 02/02/99 indefinite Barron, Dwight (NY056427) ONT 03/07/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Barron, Lyle (OK038935) CA 03/18/97 retired by CA Bartee, Antoine (MO064016) MO 02/21/02 needs catscan Basler, Berry (IA027430) NM 06/21/02 60 days Basting, Jack (MN012544) CA 04/10/00 retired by CA Bates, Carlos (00000000) NJ 06/01/02 30 days/needs neuro & cardio/must renew ID card Bates, Jeremy (KY055658) KY 06/11/02 30 days Baumgardner, Michael (PA054048) PA 04/19/02 indefinite/must see PA Bawa, Adime (00000000) NJ 10/13/01 needs catscan Baxley, Jimmy (NJ054016) NY 03/12/99 indefinite Baxter, Daniel (AZ055035) AZ 02/25/01 indefinite/call AZ Baylis, Arthur (PA007343) PA 12/09/99 needs catscan Baysmore, Kenny (MD000707) DC 02/07/01 needs EEG, EKG & complete physical Bazile, Marian (00000000) FL 05/25/02 30 days Bearden, Billy (00000000) FL 06/06/98 must pay $600 fine Beck, Chris (IL047969) IL 05/04/00 indefinite Becker, Derrick (MO025141) NE 02/18/01 retired by NE Bedolla, Jose (00000000) TAM 03/13/98 indefinite Beleno, Ever (CA023870) CA 05/23/02 45 days Bell, Aicheria (WI057588) IL 03/23/01 indefinite Bellocchi, Bruce (CA017551) CA 03/11/00 retired by CA Belton, Mike (00000000) SC 01/19/91 indefinite Benitez, Wilfred (00000000) WIN 09/18/90 needs neuro Benner, Gary (00000000) WV 05/12/01 indefinite Bentz, Nicky (TX032052) MONT 11/15/01 doc must ok cuts Berg, Rocky (00000000) NE 09/30/97 needs MRI & doc ok to box Berger, Stephen ( NV 06/22/02 until 08/07/02 Bergman, Jan (NV026112) MTC 02/12/00 needs catscan/ must renew Fed ID card Bermudez, Eddie (00000000) NY 11/12/91 must pass eye exam Bernal, Ildefonso (IL018999) PA 03/24/00 needs catscan Bernier, Carlos (00000000) FL/PR 05/12/94 indefinite Berry, Chuck (PA041580) PA 06/04/02 45 days Berry, Derek (CA040519) OK 03/30/02 must renew Fed ID card Berry, Ray (TN037548) GA 03/25/02 needs neuro exam result send to GA/must renew Fed ID card Best, George (NY009744) NY 07/26/01 indefinite Betts, James (MO011490) see James Johnson Betz, Kevin (00000000) ONT/MN/TN indefinite Bey, Knowledge (00000000) see Thomas Latson Biechler, Travis (CO061014) CO 04/19/02 doc must ok nose Bier, Anthony (CA052379) CA 09/16/00 retired by CA Biers, Blaine (MN022197) PR 07/25/97 needs EEG & neuro Bigeni, Anthony (00000000) NJ 12/05/98 needs catscan Bills, Jimmy (00000000) CA 06/29/92 retired by CA Billups, Jeanette (FL062191) FL 10/05/01 indefinite Bingham, Richard (NV055574) AZ 08/08/00 doc must ok nose Bishop, Charlie (GA020138) GA 01/08/01 ringside doc(any jurisdiction) to inquire into statement "frontal headaches" & clear prior to entering ring Bishop, Spurgeon (MS055343) FL 09/16/00 indefinite Bizzarro, Louie (PA051822) OIN 06/07/02 45 days Black, Sam (00000000) MN 11/22/93 indefinite Blackmer, Yolanda (00000000) IL 08/24/01 indefinite Blake, Roddy (00000000) NV 10/31/89 needs catscan Blakley, Bryan (MI029280) IL 05/30/02 45 days Bleakley, Rob (00000000) OH 01/29/01 indefinite Bledsoe, Tyrone (OH036272) IN 11/21/00 indefinite Bledsoe, Vincent (00000000) TX needs neuro Blichard, Darren (DC048939) MD 11/18/97 ophthalmologist must ok Bliss, Michael (NV055680) CA 03/29/01 indefinite Blount, Jaredo (second) FL 06/11/01 permanent Blutrich, Michael (promoter) FL indefinite Bocanegra, Manuel (CA053777) CA 05/23/02 45 days Bodiford, Mack (promoter) FL can't apply for any license Bogarin, Oscar (00000000) ARG 09/29/99 indefinite Boggs, Reginald (OH060992) IL 06/03/01 needs updated HIV test Bohenkamp, Virgil (OR045830) WA 06/22/02 14 days Bojorquez, Carlos (CA049185) CA 05/16/02 45 days Bolar, William (PA059236) PA 05/17/02 45 days Bonilla, Gonzalo (TX045005) TX 06/17/01 indefinite Bonislawski, Mike (MA021132) NJ 06/19/98 needs all medicals Bostic, Dan (00000000) NJ 03/23/02 indefinite Bostick, Carl (PA064371) PA 05/24/02 60 days Bostick, Rodney (MO059965) MO 05/22/02 90 days Boulware, Vincent (00000000) CA 09/08/97 license denied/failed neuro Bowers, Brad (TX062252) TX 05/23/02 60 days Bowers, Brad (TX062252) TX 05/23/02 60 days Boxing Challenge (promoter) FL must pay medical bills Boyd, Andrew (00000000) NY indefinite Boyd, John (VA049141) VA 09/14/00 indefinite Bradley, Daniel (FL059247) FL 10/18/00 doc must ok left hand Brady, Mike (00000000) PA 05/22/92 indefinite Braithwaite, Shayne (CT048490) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Brandenburg, John (00000000) GA indefinite Braschi, Julio (NJ048319) PA 04/09/99 permanent Braswell, Allan (00000000) NY indefinite Braxton, James (NJ049830) NY 06/27/98 indefinite Braxton, Stan (MD040008) PA 12/11/98 indefinite Bregyan, Steve (00000000) AZ indefinite Breland, Robert (TX037782) OK 05/24/02 must renew Fed ID card Bretado, Jaime (HI045337) AZ 12/09/01 doc must ok right hand Brewer, Bobby (NE020040) CO 02/09/01 retired by CO Brewer, Steve (IN032600 PA 02/19/00 must renew Fed ID card Brice, James (00000000) TN indefinite Brinson, Craig (MS035694) MS 06/22/02 12 days Brito, Hector (00000000) WI 07/28/01 needs EEG or catscan Broad, James (NV000710) ONT 04/13/94 indefinite Broadus, Larry (00000000) NY/NJ indefinite Brock, James (CA046099) CA 02/25/00 indefinite Brock, James (CA046099) CO 07/07/01 1 Year/call CO Brookman, Steve (00000000) IL indefinite Brooks, Brian (CA054834) WA 06/11/99 indefinite/heart murmur Brooks, Darrell (MS065071) MS 06/14/02 30 days Brooks, Derrick (MS048494) FL 03/13/98 doc must ok elbow Brooks, Lawrence (MD047874) MD 04/17/01 forever barred - neuro- logically unfit to box Brooks, Leroy (VA043493) NY 04/27/02 60 days Brooks, Malcolm (NY041342) NY 06/27/98 indefinite Brooks, Malcolm (NY041342) CA 05/15/99 retired by CA Brooks, Michael (ND057649) IA 06/15/02 30 days Brooks, Waldron (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan & neuro Broussard, Isaac (NV014656) NV 06/14/02 until 07/15/02 Brown, Alan (00000000) NY needs EEG & catscan Brown, Alvin (MO048596) NV 05/18/02 ophthalmologist must ok right eye & doc must ok chest injury or 11/15/02 Brown, Charles (00000000) NY indefinite Brown, Dale (PA040687) ONT 04/26/02 doc must ok left ear drum Brown, Dan (00000000) MD 06/20/97 must pay $200 fine Brown, Doug (WI037943) IL 06/29/01 must provide updated HIV test Brown, Errol (NY033029) ONT 05/12/98 indefinite Brown, Isaac (TN019907) NJ 04/28/99 permanent Brown, James (GA019681) NJ 08/23/97 needs EEG Brown, Jeremy (00000000) OH indefinite Brown, Katrina (NC054737) VA 08/26/99 needs orthopedic evaluation Brown, Kwame (PA063471) PA 12/18/01 must see PA Commission Brown, Leroy (PA049893) PA 04/28/01 doc must ok left eye Brown, Marcellus (GA021018) NV 04/21/02 ophthalmologist must ok left eye Brown, Michael (TX039569) TX 06/04/02 30 days Brown, Percy (00000000) KY indefinite Brown, Rodney (NY049213) NY 10/11/00 indefinite Brown, Shawn (NJ000643) NJ 12/12/98 needs catscan Brown, Shivedin (NV048563) ID 04/06/00 must renew Fed ID card Brown, Trevor (FL054536) ny 03/15/02 needs neuro & catscan Browne, Anthony (00000000) NY needs EEG & catscan Brownotter, William (ND054328) ND 10/25/01 indefinite Broxton, Tawayna (FL049202) MA 03/12/99 indefinite Bruce, Learie (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan & neuro Bruno, Manny (NY021139) NJ 04/08/98 needs EEG Bruno, Shane (NY060719) NY 06/16/01 needs MRI Bruseles, Henry (PR053731) NV 06/21/02 until 08/21/02 Bryan, Lloyd (MD012913) PA 06/22/02 60 days Bryan, Mike (IN008678) PA 05/06/00 must renew Fed ID card Bryant, Milledge (00000000) NY needs EEG & catscan Buchanan, Lemont (MO008083) MO 02/04/98 indefinite Buford, Chris (TN059373) MO 05/09/02 must renew Fed ID card Buggs, John (00000000) NJ needs EEG Bullock, Tim (00000000) MD needs all medicals & doc ok Bunema, Alex (TX045165) CA 05/16/02 45 days/must renew ID card Bunkholt, Clarence(MN054704) IA 06/07/02 30 days Burgess, Lamont (00000000) PA 11/27/96 indefinite/record 0-11-1 Burgos, Miguel (MS029699) MS 11/19/99 doc must ok left eye Burley, Dennis (PA020447) PA 05/07/02 license denied Burse, Mark (NV056398) TX 06/14/02 30 days Burton, Shawn (00000000) OH indefinite Butler, Earl (00000000) NY 01/17/01 indefinite Butler, James (NY045728) NY 11/26/01 indefinite Butler, William (MD055292) MP 05/26/00 doc must ok rotator cuff Butts, Cornell (00000000) OK indefinite Butts, Craig (00000000) PA indefinite/failed drug test/ needs all medicals Butts, Kevin (OH052760) MTC 01/15/01 Doctor Schwartz must ok Bybee, Frank (ID051972) ID 02/20/02 doc must ok right eye Byrd, Joseph (IN048751) IN 06/19/01 needs updated HIV test Byrd, Tim (00000000) MI needs full medicals/catscan or MRI Cabrera, Hector (NJ049702) NJ 07/21/98 needs all medicals/ pulmonary specialist must ok Caffee, Remuse (00000000) MN indefinite Cajinas, Lino (00000000) FL must pay $25 fine Calderon, Pedro (PR038361) PR 04/18/98 needs EEG & neuro Calderon, Pedro (PR038631) PR 11/11/00 needs EEG & neuro Caldwell, Joshua (PA058737) PA 08/18/00 needs catscan/neuro Callaghan, Gary (00000000) MONC 09/08/01 needs catscan Calleros, Fernando(NM016250) CO 11/28/00 RED FLAG/call CO Comm Callum, Sheldon (CA057970) CA 05/23/02 60 days Cameron, Robert (00000000) IL indefinite Campas, Luis (NV022426) NV 03/16/02 doc must ok left eye or until 09/16/02 Campbell, Antonio (00000000) PAN 09/17/97 indefinite Campbell, Arvell (00000000) IL/MO indefinite Campbell, Bryce (MD049681) MD 06/20/02 30 days Campbell, Nate (FL056042) MS 06/22/02 12 days Campbell, Ricky (00000000) TN indefinite Campagna, Wayne (00000000) GA 02/23/02 permanent/call LA Candelario, Joaquin (AZ010748) CA 04/26/02 90 days/doc must ok nose or 180 days Cannady, Fred (00000000) NJ 06/27/97 needs EEG Canton, Keith (NJ049276) PA 11/10/01 must renew Fed ID card Carazo, Juan (PR009978) PR 11/20/97 needs catscan Cardenas, Jesus (00000000) NY indefinite Cardona, Melvin (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months/needs EEG Carey, Kenneth (NJ059585) PA 05/24/02 45 days Carlisle, Larry (00000000) NJ 09/22/01 needs neuro Carlisle, Voy (OH049692) FL 06/06/98 must pay $400 fine Carmona, Silverio (00000000) NY needs EEG & catscan Carnell, Ron (ID052591) CO 05/03/02 60 days/needs neuro Carney, Mike (00000000) PA 04/28/95 must pay $50 fine Caron, Rob (00000000) ONT must have EEG, catscan & neuro Carpenter, Jeff (MO055624) TX 06/06/02 18 days Carr, Oba (MI024403) NV 05/18/02 until 07/18/02 Carrillo, Terrie (TX065004) NM 06/21/02 60 days Carson, Jeff (PA057117) WV 06/11/02 30 days Cartagena, Carlos (00000000) NY indefinite Carter, Craig (NY060732) NY 07/26/01 indefinite Carter, Decarlo (00000000) PA 05/22/92 indefinite/failed physical Carter, Ed (OH023657) KY 10/21/97 indefinite Carter, Ed (OH023657) IN 02/21/01 indefinite Carter, Jamar (NJ009369) PA 06/05/02 45 days/doc must ok right hand Carter, Kevin (NC045020) PA 03/22/02 must renew Fed ID card Casillas, Miguel (CA042029) CA 05/17/02 45 days Cassiani, Edwin (NY057816) NV 04/15/02 must renew Fed ID card Castaneda, Rogelio(CA046095) CA 05/24/02 doc must ok right eye or 60 days Castell, Tyrone (CO042516) MO 05/31/02 RED FLAG/call MO Comm Castillo, Arnulfo (CA011269) CA 04/27/02 doc must ok right eye & forehead or 60 days Castillo, Eduardo (CA003389) CA 05/24/02 45 days Castillo, Francisco (TX035797) MON 10/12/01 indefinite Castillo, Ruben (00000000) CA indefinite Castro, Cesar (PA012293) IL 03/24/00 must renew Fed ID card Castro, Eduardo (00000000) NV indefinite Castro, Rafael (PR050105) PR 12/17/97 needs EEG Catari, Omar (00000000) NY indefinite Cato, Eugene (00000000) MA indefinite Ceballos, Demetrio(NV034547) PA 02/02/02 needs neuro Cepeda, Alberto (NV023744) NV 06/22/02 until 08/22/02 Cepeda, Ricardo (00000000) NY indefinite Cervantes, Elizabeth (CA062515) CA 05/17/02 until 07/02/02 Cervantes, Esteban(FL028568) PA 12/08/00 must renew Fed ID card Chairez, Edgar (CA020124) CO 10/20/01 doc must ok right eye must renew Fed ID card Chaiyasen, Anucha (second) CA 08/28/00 indefinite Challenge Promotns(promoter) GA 10/04/00 contact GA Commission Chalmers, Maurice (TX057332) TX 06/14/02 30 days Chamberlain, George (IA052427) ID 02/20/02 needs EKG, MRI & neuro retirement recommended Chapman, Derrick (00000000) NY indefinite/must renew ID card Charlton, Marty (IN053699) IN 02/09/02 indefinite Chartrand, Jimi (IL051151) IL 08/17/01 needs updated HIV test Chase, Adrian (MI037903) MI 08/28/98 needs catscan Chase, Sue (OH042257) CA 05/11/01 retired by CA Chataloin, Jesus (00000000) FL must pay $250 fine Chavez, Eddie (00000000) NJ 09/06/97 needs EEG Chavez, Hector (TX036565) DF 03/25/00 indefinite/doc must ok Chavez, Javier (NJ050111) PA 06/15/02 30 days Chavez, Julio (CT001141) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Chavez, Onofre (NV015298) CA 12/20/97 retired by CA Cherifi, Hacine (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months/needs EEG & neuro Cherry, David (WI038237) IL 06/21/02 45 days/needs EEG Chestnut, Scott (SC048776) NJ 11/06/99 needs neuro Chuma, Ottah (NY061258) NY 04/01/02 indefinite Churchwell, Terrance (NV046053) NV 11/05/01 must renew Fed ID card Cielos, Josue (WA059766) WA 06/22/02 7 days Cipolla, Mark (CT044603) MP 02/26/99 needs EEG & neuro Cipolla, Mark (CT044603) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Cisneros, Avelardo(00000000) TX 06/06/02 60 days Cisneros, Carlos (CA043274) HI 05/17/02 45 days Clardy,Vikki (00000000) RI 05/24/02 70 days Clark, Dave (NY038408) NY 08/05/98 indefinite Clark, Laverne (IA043955) IL 06/21/02 indefinite Clark, Pamela (FL054045) FL 03/10/99 indefinite Clark, Terney (OH049149) NJ 12/15/98 needs catscan Claudio, Josean (PR044468) PR needs EEG Clements, Brian (NV042414) MO 05/24/02 must renew Fed ID card Clontz, Bobby (AR053269) MO 11/03/00 license retired Clute, Tom (PA033031) NY 09/17/99 indefinite Clybourn, Travis (SC041123) SC 04/25/02 60 days/needs head-catscan Coates, Arthur (00000000) PA indefinite/falsified ID Cobb, Randall Tex (00000000) FL must pay $1500 fine Codrington, Steven(NY064451) NY 04/25/02 license denied/ophthalm Cody, Andrea (FL058568) FL 10/05/01 doc must ok shoulder Coetzee, Gerrie (00000000) CA 06/10/99 retired by CA Coetzer, Pierre (00000000) NV needs neuro Coffin, Terrance (MO040622) IL 06/25/00 HIV test required Cohen, Samson (SC018320) NC 01/24/02 180 days Coker, James (NY021349) TX 06/21/02 18 days Coker, Mike (FL020671) NY 04/23/02 90 days/needs catscan & neuro must renew Fed ID card Cokes, Henry (IL053663) IL 05/30/02 45 days Colbert, Donald (PA049277) PA 06/22/02 90 days Colburn, Gary (00000000) TN 12/04/01 license denied for 6 months Cole, Alan (00000000) VA indefinite Cole, Eric (00000000) FL 02/18/98 must have anger counseling & 25 hours community service Cole, Idriss (CA012924) NY 01/26/00 indefinite Coleman, Donald (promoter) MI 03/18/02 indefinite Coleman, Gerald (FL020784) FL 12/15/00 ENT doc must ok Coles, Terminator (00000000) NY indefinite Collazo, Edwin (00000000) NJ 02/23/02 needs catscan Collazo, Luis (NY057816) PA 06/22/02 30 days Colle, Alberto (00000000) MON 09/26/97 indefinite Collier, Terry (00000000) SC must pay $500 fine Collins, Freddie (MS047011) LA 05/31/02 30 days Collup, Rick ( NV 05/17/02 until 07/02/02 Collyer, Bryan (promoter) FL must pay medical bills Colon, Cristobal (NJ049365) NJ 06/02/99 needs all medicals Colon, Efrain (00000000) MA 05/19/95 indefinite Comas, Danny (WI047066) IL 09/12/98 needs complete physical Conan, Brittany (CO064421) CO 04/19/02 indefinite Condon, Jason (00000000) CA 01/18/01 call CA Conway, James (00000000) MA 06/27/95 indefinite Cook, Leonard (00000000) TN indefinite Cook, Mark (00000000) CAN EEG, catscan, psychometric exam needed Cook, Nicholas (IL056949) IL 06/29/01 must provide updated HIV test Cooley, Mike (NE040021) NE 07/06/01 hearing required by NE Comm Cooley, Mike (NE040021) NE 08/17/01 permanently retired Cooper, Charles (NC052755) MD 12/10/98 $400 fine Cooper, Danny (MO052549) MO 03/08/01 indefinite Cooper, Ernesto (00000000) PAN indefinite Cooper, Lamont (00000000) NJ 02/21/01 needs neuro Copeland, Chico (MS052208) MS 11/19/99 indefinite Copeland, Darryl (00000000) MD indefinite Coraliz, Israel (00000000) 05/25/02 6 weeks Corbett, Brett (FL054232) FL 02/23/01 needs catscan & neuro Corbitt, Kenneth (PA064925) PA 06/21/02 90 days Corchado, Angel (PR026363) PR 08/18/00 needs EEG & neuro Corchado, Angel (PR026363) PR 12/15/00 needs EEG Corchado, Angel (PR026363) PR 08/26/01 needs EEG, catscan & neuro Cordero, Jorge (PR052570) PR 04/15/99 needs EEG Cordova, Ricardo (NM043078) CA 10/17/98 retired by CA Corleone, Michael (FL038726) MD 06/20/02 30 days Corn, Jonathan (WI042868) IA 06/16/02 45 days Cornejo, Martin (GA059001) FL 02/20/02 medically retired Corona, Jesse (IA048688) PA 03/09/02 must renew Federal ID card Corpas, Raul (00000000) PAN 10/14/95 needs complete medicals Correa, Alex (00000000) MA 08/24/95 indefinite Cortes, Salvador (PR049754) FL 08/13/98 must pay $50 fine Cortes, Salvador (PR049754) PR 12/15/00 needs EEG Cortez, Aureliano (second) TJ 04/23/02 1 year Cortez, Mario (AZ059792) AZ 03/22/02 indefinite Cortright, Jesse (NY049205) PA 08/28/98 must pay $100 fine/ negative drug test to PA Cosme, Joseph (PR047993) PR 08/14/97 needs EEG, neuro evaluation & complete physical Cosme, Luis (PR052287) PR 11/11/98 needs EEG & neuro Cota, Ariel (AZ063661) AZ 05/02/02 60 days Cotto, Alex (00000000) PR 07/01/00 needs EEG, MRI,catscan & neurological evaluation Cotto, Jose (PR046456) NV 06/05/00 must renew Fed ID card Couch, Jane (TX039968) TX 06/21/02 30 days Covarrubias, Juan (CA014117) NV 06/07/02 until 07/23/02 Covington, Jermaine (NC041012) NY 10/02/98 indefinite Cowart, Amos (00000000) MS needs brain scan Cowens, Malcom (OK064823) LA 06/15/02 30 days Cox, Devone (CA033609) NM 04/30/02 60 days Cox, Sean (IN064711) IN 06/01/02 30 days/needs HIV test Craven, Ken (MS046428) PA 12/08/01 doc must ok nose Crawford, Jimmy (IA014847) IA 05/11/02 must renew Fed ID card Crawford, Nathan (OH061710) IL 10/17/01 needs EEG Cray, Andre (OH037540) MIC 09/29/01 indefinite Crayton, Dyirell (TX054524) OK 12/14/01 indefinite Credeur, Timothy ( NV 05/17/02 until 07/02/02 Crespo, Edgar (PR052272) PR 08/12/98 needs EEG Crew, Darius (OH049500) IN 11/21/00 indefinite Cristales, Jackson(CA053435) CA 10/04/99 retired by CA Cristy, Joseph (00000000) NJ 05/17/02 90 days Croft, Eddie (CA018676) NV 01/14/00 needs MRI, catscan of head & outside orbit, neuro & ophthalmological exams Crowder, James (00000000) NY indefinite Crowe, Dale (KY047755) NV 05/25/02 until 08/24/02 Crumble, Eric (WI027678) IN 03/26/02 needs EEG/must renew Fed ID card Crumble, Marcus (00000000) MI 10/28/97 1 Year starting upon payment of $1000 fine Crutchfield, Derrick (OH049684) WV 12/04/98 needs physical Cruz, Elias (FL034473) NV 02/03/01 must renew Fed ID card Cruz, Jose (00000000) ONT needs neuro, EEG, catscan & pyschometric exam Cruz, Jose (CA042971) CA 08/04/99 indefinite Cruz, Jose (MAC058212) CA 01/18/02 needs ID card Cruz, Luis (PR051368) PR 04/30/98 needs EEG & neuro Cruz, Mario (00000000) Ciudad Victoria indefinite Cruz, Natael (00000000) MON 08/20/99 indefinite Cruz, Sal (00000000) NJ needs EEG Cruz, William (00000000) NY 03/14/01 needs MRI & neuro evaluation Cruz-Rivas, Jose (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months Cuevas, Maximino (NY061604) NY 04/23/02 indefinite Cummings, Donnell (SC011889) NJ 05/08/98 needs all medicals Cunningham, Steve (00000000) FL 01/23/02 must renew Fed ID card Curiel, Fred (NJ007612) NY 01/26/02 needs ophthalmological exam Currin, Peter (CT062064) NV 06/07/02 until 07/08/02 Curry, Anthony (00000000) PA indefinite/0-18 record Curry, Eddy (SC018001) LA 07/08/00 doc must ok right shoulder Curry, Eddy (SC018001) SC 07/13/00 poor performance/suspended in SC Curry, Eric (MI001276) MI 03/22/02 indefinite Curry, Graylin (00000000) NY needs ophthalmological exam Curry, Robert (00000000) PA indefinite/must pay $100 Curry, Ronald (00000000) NY indefinite Curtis, Frank (00000000) IL needs catscan Curtis, Richard (NV060811) CA 07/21/01 license denied Czyz, Bobby (NJ001281) CT 06/12/98 needs EEG & medical evaluation Dabney, Ricardo (NJ015347) NJ 01/29/99 needs all medicals Dagio, Esteban (00000000) CA needs catscan Dailing, Tom (PA038625) NJ 01/09/98 needs EEG Dallas, Mike (CA034588) CA 01/29/98 retirement/head injury Dalton, Ed (ID038348) ID 01/11/02 doc must ok left eye Daly, John (00000000) MA 05/24/95 indefinite Daniels, Anthony (DC020404) MD 03/02/99 must pay $400 fine Daniels, Curtis (00000000) WI indefinite Daniels, Harry (GA001684) FL 07/16/99 indefinite Daniels, Harry (GA001684) TN 09/16/99 indefinite/falsifying records/breaking suspension Daniels, Harry (promoter) GA 10/04/00 contact GA Commission Daniels, James (00000000) MA 11/21/95 indefinite Dasoyan, Robert (NV049254) NV 02/23/02 doc must ok nose or until 08/23/02 Daugherty, Maurice(TX015991) TX 06/04/02 60 days David, Matthew (OK062322) OK 08/04/01 indefinite Davidson, Steve (OH059862) OH 05/11/02 60 days Davis, Alphonzo (NV044902) NV 01/11/02 needs catscan Davis, Arthur (IL013405) IL 03/03/02 120 days/needs eeg & complete physical Davis, Bernard (00000000) IL/MI indefinite Davis, Cimarron (TX060756) TX 06/14/02 30 days Davis, Dan (PA035765) PA 03/24/00 doc must ok cut Davis, Dan (PA035765) NJ 08/11/00 needs catscan, neuro & ophthalmological exam Davis, Doug (PA036107) NJ 01/29/99 permanently retired Davis, Everton (CA024985) NJ 09/04/98 needs EEG Davis, Frank (00000000) KY 12/11/98 indefinite Davis, Jeff (PA035911) PA 04/17/98 needs EEG Davis, Jerome (IN062817) MO 05/22/02 60 days Davis, John (WI043508) ABC 03/08/99 indefinite Davis, Ken (00000000) PA 05/06/92 indefinite/failed physical Davis, Reggie (OR060634) WA 06/22/02 7 days Davis, Robert (FL049976) MTC 02/16/02 must renew Fed ID card Davis, Terry (00000000) CA retired by CA Davis, Terry (IL057587) IL 08/12/01 needs HIV test Davis, Timothy (00000000) MD indefinite Davis, Troy (IN052646) IN 09/29/98 indefinite Davis, Victor (00000000) MD 04/11/96 needs ophthalmological exam Dawson, David (DC046817) MD 06/20/02 30 days Dawson, Paul (OH039437) MA 04/04/98 indefinite Day, Tony (00000000) IA 06/15/02 30 days Daye, Milton (IN063773) KY 06/22/02 indefinite Days, Rufus (00000000) MI 10/19/00 $250 fine De Aguero, Angelica (NM048770) AZ 09/05/98 AZ Comm must ok proficiency De La Torre, Sergio (CA057734) CA 10/04/01 needs neuro De Los Angeles, Jose see Jose Angeles Del Angel, Domingo(TX057471) NV 04/19/02 doc must ok right hand or 10/19/02 Del Rio, Jose (00000000) Tamaulipas indefinite Del Valle, Dion (00000000) NY indefinite Del Valle, Louis (NY034793) NY 05/17/01 indefinite Delgado, Alexis (PR050824) PR 04/30/98 needs EEG Delgado, Oscar (NV020366) CA 06/24/02 45 days/indefinite Delgado, Roberto (NM007662) CO 11/10/01 1 year/needs EEG & physical Delgado, Ruben (PR020812) PR 03/26/98 needs EEG Demby, Tyrone (00000000) NJ 06/27/97 needs EEG Demick, Patricia (FL054198) MAC 06/15/02 30 days Dempsey, Jake (00000000) PA must have eye exam Dempsey, Josh (CA014686) see Josh Gormley Dendy, Tim (TN020252) PA 07/12/01 needs complete neuro Denson, Kevin (00000000) NY/MA indefinite Destouche, Augustus (00000000) MIC 09/29/01 indefinite Di Benedetto, Mike(IL042854) MP 03/01/02 needs catscan/ neurologist must ok Dial, Gregory (WA055793) NV 08/04/00 doc must ok labile blood pressure & possible asthma Diaz, Luis (OH054382) NJ 04/17/99 needs catscan Diaz, Hamilton (FL041605) PR 10/25/97 needs EEG Diaz-Urbina, Jorge(00000000) DF indefinite Dietrich, Jason (NE047196) NE 06/15/02 6 months/ophthalmol.must ok Dill, Gerry (NE047458) NE 08/14/00 permanently retired/call NE Dismuke, Shawn (OK062192) LA 06/15/02 30 days Divosevic, Joe (PA041845) PA 03/22/01 indefinite Dixon, Mike (GA022724) NC 06/07/00 permanent/dangerous neurological condition/no boxing-kickboxing competition, exhibition or sparring Dixon, Robert (00000000) Manitoba indefinite Dixon, Sherman (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan Di Martino, Steve (PA003102) PA 04/18/02 permanent suspension Doaks, Michael (PA038180) PA 06/15/02 30 days Doiron, Francis (00000000) MON 11/30/01 needs catscan Dokes, Michael (NV001659 KY 10/11/97 doc must ok jaw Domena, Robert (00000000) NY indefinite Dominguez, Aureo (TX034442) CO 10/20/01 must renew Fed ID card Dominguez, Carmen (OK052407) MO 02/08/00 must renew Fed ID card Donald, Larry (TX004870) NJ 06/01/02 must renew Fed ID card Donaldson, Montzell (CA041365) CA 07/05/00 retired by CA Donlow, Walter (OH064690) PA 06/01/02 90 days Donnell, Larry (GA041210) NC/GA 12/01/98 indefinite Donnell, Larry (GA041210) GA 12/02/98 permanent/call GA Donovan, Jamie (00000000) MONC 08/12/99 indefinite/needs medicals Dorsch, Bill (00000000) OH indefinite Dorsett, Dale (00000000) OR indefinite Dorsey, Jerry (00000000) PR 09/27/97 needs EEG Dos Santos, Luiz (00000000) NV 06/25/02 indefinite Douglas, Michael (PA049121) NJ 02/18/98 needs EEG/$500 fine Douglas, Willie (00000000) NY indefinite Duarte, Omar (TX029022) TX 06/01/01 indefinite/serious head injury Dula, Robert (00000000) KY 01/03/02 must renew Fed ID card Dunbar, Terrell (00000000) FL must pay $250 fine Duncan, Bill (00000000) OK indefinite Duncan, Sheri (TX055364) TX 06/21/02 7 days Dunston, Dana (VA054724) MD 09/21/00 must pay $500 fine Duplessis, John (00000000) LA needs neuro Dupree, Michael (TX053001) LA 11/03/01 indefinite/$500 fine Duran, Javier (NM037812) NM 05/06/00 doc must ok left knee Durr, Gary (MS041888) MS 02/23/99 indefinite Dutle, Brandl (KY050436) IN 10/13/00 indefinite Eaddy, Ramal (NY041338) NY 12/01/98 indefinite Easley, Leon (NY039559) MP 12/07/01 orthopedic doc must x-ray & ok right hand Eason, Andre (NY056412) MTC 05/18/02 45 days/orthopedic doc must ok right hand Eaton, Danny (FL048755) SC 04/25/02 needs head-catscan Eaton, Darryl (00000000) MO indefinite Edmonds, Tim (MS043967) MS 03/20/00 doc must ok eye Edson, Rick (NH032769) MP 08/14/99 needs neuro clearance Edwards, Derrick (00000000) FL 07/10/01 indefinite/must contact FL Edwards, Ivan (00000000) NY indefinite Edwards, Linda (SC058424) SC 03/02/02 indefinite Ekstam, Brad (MO046072) MO 06/21/02 60 days Elgas, Tony (00000000) MI indefinite Elkins, Bob (TN036246) MI 04/08/00 must renew Fed ID card Elliot, Darren (MS007995) MS 08/27/99 indefinite Elliott, Shawn (00000000) EDM needs neuro exam Ellis, Ken (00000000) WA 05/13/02 until 10/01/02 Ellis, LaQuinton (00000000) FL 04/19/02 indefinite English, Mike (00000000) SC indefinite Enslow, John (manager) EDM 05/26/00 indefinite pending hearing Epps, Melvin (00000000) FL must pay $1850 Escamilla, Joe (NE054173) NE 11/26/01 indefinite suspension Escandon, Israel (AZ045875) NV 02/16/02 doc must ok left hand or until 08/16/02 Escobedo, Carlos (TX047130) TX 06/21/02 12 days Escobia, Benjamin (00000000) CA 06/07/01 contact CA Espanola, Roger (00000000) EDM must pay $800 fine Espinal, Gilberto (00000000) NJ needs EEG & catscan Espino, Cecilio (00000000) CT 06/01/97 needs neuro Espinoza, Frank (manager) PA 04/03/02 must pay $300 fine Espinoza, Louie (00000000) NJ 05/05/97 needs EEG Ethridge, Iran (00000000) PR 05/20/01 needs neuro evaluation Etter, Dan (CA049075) ID 08/06/98 doc must ok Euroza, Ramon (00000000) DF 11/18/00 indefinite Evans, Don (OH042531) DC 07/23/99 needs medical exam Evans, Terry (CA051750) PA 04/02/02 indefinite/call PA Evans, Travis (00000000) NJ 06/20/97 needs EEG Evans, William (MO060632) NV 06/14/02 neurologist must ok Event Entertainment see Rick Kulis Ewing, Michelle (NC060954) VA 05/29/02 30 days Ezeji, Ike (NY010158) MTC 12/13/01 needs catscan Fadeyi, Alyodeji (CO057223) WA 06/22/02 7 days Fahim, Mustafa (PA050929) NY 10/02/98 needs eye exam Fairtex, Ganiel (second) CA 03/26/02 indefinite/fine $2500 Falcigno, Lou (promoter) see Momentum Enterprises Fane, Stephen (OH050062) IL 10/02/98 needs EEG & complete physical Fariņas, Jorge (FL013929) FL 07/17/99 permanent/unable to defend Farmer, Joseph (00000000) NY 01/17/01 indefinite Faulkner, Michael (TN023034) CA retired by CA Faulkner, Roy (00000000) OK indefinite Faye, Paula (CA047938) NV 04/14/02 doc must ok Fechtner, Paul (FL058857) FL 03/24/01 indefinite Feliciano, Jose (00000000) MA 03/15/96 indefinite Felix, Joaquin (CA035569) CA 11/19/98 retired by CA Felix, Ramon (00000000) TJ 04/29/02 needs neuro Feliz, Fernely (NY038322) CA 05/03/02 doc must ok left wrist or 180 days Felsing, Rich (PA018512) PA 06/23/01 doc must ok lip Felton, Steve (NJ047760) NY 11/01/97 indefinite Fennell, Rodney (00000000) PA eye exam required Fermaint, Carlos (NY040724) NY indefinite Fernandez, Andres (NM041596) AZ 06/15/01 indefinite Fernandez, Benito (SC002260) NC 01/24/02 180 days Fernandez, Jose (NY037798) NY 09/11/98 indefinite Fields, Anthony (DC049577) NJ 01/29/00 indefinite Fields, Anthony (DC049577) MD 12/01/00 indefinite Figueroa, Jose (NJ046191) NJ 12/15/98 needs catscan Figueroa, Joseph (NY031676) NY 05/31/02 indefinite Figueroa, Marcelo (00000000) ARG 09/01/99 indefinite Fikes, Waxxom (OH028829) NY 05/11/93 failed eye exam Finchem, Leon (NE052194) NE 08/17/01 permanently retired Finger, Terrell (MO021054) IL 04/08/01 must produce HIV test must renew Fed ID card Finnegan, Frank (PA060656) PA 06/12/01 contact PA Commission Finnie, Gordon (WV046418) MD 01/27/00 must renew Fed ID card Fitch, Nathaniel (00000000) PA 12/06/96 needs complete medicals catscan, eye exam Fleming, Laslo (OH055711) MO 12/02/99 license retired Fletcher, Wayne (TX064712) TX 06/14/02 30 days Flint, Darrell (MA014546) NS 03/06/00 indefinite Flores, Danny (TX037941) TX 01/05/02 ophthalmologist must ok Flores, Dave (00000000) MA 11/23/96 indefinite Flores, Eloy (CA015194 CA 10/05/00 retired by CA Flores, Esteban (PR026637) FL 08/13/98 must pay $50 Fine Flores, Gilberto (NY025142) WA 06/01/02 30 days Flores, Jose Angel(00000000) MON 10/29/99 indefinite Flores, Juan (00000000) FL indefinite Flores, Julio (00000000) NY/PR indefinite Flores, Nestor (00000000) NY indefinite Flores, Nicholas (IA050753) WA 06/01/02 30 days Flores, Raymond (TX063818) TX 06/21/02 30 days Flowers, James (FL021436) FL 02/12/00 indefinite Flowers, Monte (OH043038) FL 11/14/97 must pay $400 fine Flucker, Tyrone (PA015402) PA 03/16/00 PA must ok Fontana, Moises (00000000) NJ 08/23/97 needs EEG Ford, Paul (00000000) PA must pay $500 fine Ford, Stan (CA061650) CA 08/30/01 call CA Ford, Terry (00000000) PR 07/01/00 needs EEG & neurological evaluation Forde, Glenn (NY032090) MTC 06/23/01 needs neuro/doc must ok eyes Foreman, Yuri (NV063209) NY 02/22/02 needs eye exam every 6 months next due on 08/22/02 Forrest, Vernon (GA036627) NY 01/26/02 indefinite/ENT must ok ear/ orthopedic must ok hand Foster, David (IN048284) IL 05/20/00 needs EEG, catscan & EKG Foster, Vince (NE021085) NE 08/14/00 permanently retired/call NE Foster, Wayne (00000000) CT indefinite Fox, David ( NV 05/17/02 doc must ok nasal fracture or until 07/02/02 Frager, Shanarris (FL060578) FL 07/28/01 indefinite/must pay $500 fine Francis, Adana (00000000) ONT 02/01/02 indefinite Francisco, Chavez (TN010494) PA 03/30/02 6 months Frank, Steve (NY014541) NJ 04/05/97 needs EEG Franklin, Steve (OK052704) OK 02/06/01 indefinite Franks, Jerry (00000000) NY indefinite Frazier, John (LA009350) MI 06/21/02 60 days Frazier, Patrick (00000000) NY indefinite Frazier, Stacy (LA016653) NY 04/28/01 needs catscan French, Mark (WI002039) WI needs EEG or catscan Frias, Dante (CA053688) NV 05/18/02 until 08/17/02//doc must ok nasal fracture or 11/15/02 Frias, Pedro (00000000) NY indefinite Friday, Richard (SC064004) SC 03/28/02 6 months/needs EEG & catscan Fromm, Darryl (00000000) ONT needs neuro, catscan & pyschometric exam Frye, Dale (NC048866) NC indefinite Fuller, Darryl (00000000) TN needs catscan Fullerton, Debbie (00000000) ONT EEG, catscan, psychometric evaluation needed Fullington, Kevin (00000000) NV/DC indefinite Fulton, James (promoter) OR 09/03/99 must pay $602.94 Futrell, Antoine (MO048927) MO 11/30/01 indefinite Gaines, Christen (CO060833) CO 01/25/02 call CO Commission Galbreath, Orlando(NC054587) MP 04/04/02 90 days/needs neuro Galliher, Chris (IN012963) IN 05/21/02 60 days Galindo, Ricardo (CA038772) CA 07/22/00 indefinite Gallegos, Jesse (00000000) MI must pay $250 fine Gallop, Greg (VA008572) VA 05/18/01 must renew Fed ID card Gallucci, Louis (FL012241) FL 08/26/00 needs MRI, catscan & neuro clearance Galstyan, Artyom (CA057257) CA 02/15/01 retired by CA Galvan, Ricardo (NM043078) see Ricardo Cordova Galvan, Richie (IA041093) MO 12/06/01 needs catscan/complete physical Galvan, Richie (IA041093) NE 01/29/02 1 year Gamache, Joey (ME017105) NY 02/26/00 indefinite/must renew ID card Gamble, Wanda (OH057488) OIN 04/07/00 needs catscan & complete neuro Gant, Jason (00000000) FL 10/25/01 must contact FL for ID card Garcia, Alex (NY016552) CA/NV 03/04/98 retired by commissions Garcia, Anthony (CA048110) CA 08/02/99 must renew Fed ID card Garcia, Bryan (NM047446) NV 04/09/01 must renew Fed ID card Garcia, Fabian (MD017603) NJ 06/01/01 needs neuro Garcia, Freddy (00000000) PR 08/17/01 needs EEG Garcia, Horatio (00000000) PA 12/19/01 must see PA Commission Garcia, Joe (TX011988) NY 04/27/02 needs ophtalmological exam Garcia, Joey (CA042982) NM 06/01/02 60 days Garcia, Jose (CA021229) AZ 04/15/00 AZ must ok Garcia, Luis Ruben(00000000) Sinaloa indefinite Garcia, Neddy (TX048464) TX 06/14/02 30 days Garcia, Pablo (00000000) NLCP 05/31/02 30 days Garcia, Pedro (IL048763) WA 05/11/02 60 days Garcia, Pedro (CA007534) TX 06/06/02 30 days Garcia, Rafael (CA062300) CA 06/06/02 30 days Garcia, Thompson (WI056035) IL 09/13/00 needs EEG Gardner, Calvin (WI050704) IN 02/29/00 must renew Fed ID card Gardner, Calvin (WI050704) IA 06/07/02 30 days Garland, Adam (NJ016859) NV 05/30/98 needs neuro, catscan Garner, John (LA018855) NC 11/18/00 indefinite/must pay $500 fine Garza, Jason (IA057385) IA 04/18/00 IA must ok Gathright, Carl (MI052554) IL 09/17/98 needs EEG & complete physical Gatti, Arturo (NJ032869) MTC 05/18/02 90 days Gatti, Calo (00000000) see Leo Mancillas Gause, Darryl (NJ040645) NJ 11/29/97 needs EEG Gavin, Thomas (00000000) NC 03/31/00 must renew Fed ID card Geelani, Akram (00000000) OH indefinite Genick, Paul (00000000) NJ 09/06/97 needs all medicals Gervins, Sam (00000000) PA 07/20/93 indefinite/19-48 record/ 6 straight losses Ghany, Glenn (NY051857) NJ 02/18/00 indefinite/NJ must ok Gibbs, Prince (WI059475) MO 05/22/02 120 days/needs physical regarding hypertension Gilbert, Lewis (MS050771) MAC 09/02/01 needs medical clearance Gilchrist, Kevin (CA047269) ID 02/22/02 needs EEG, MRI & neuro Gilkes, Leon (00000000) ONT 07/21/02 60 days Gilmore, Terrence (MS050813) MS 02/13/01 indefinite Gingrow, Chris (00000000) MA 06/22/96 indefinite Ginorio, Francisco(FL058332) GA 04/12/01 doc must ok right eye/call GA Giovannini, Nestor(00000000) NJ 01/29/00 indefinite/NJ must ok Gipson, Jeffrey (OH049986) OH 07/18/98 needs EEG Girard, Sam (RI039057) MP 12/22/98 indefinite Giron, Donnie (NE020025) MTC 05/19/01 indefinite/ophthalmologist or ENT doc must ok left eye area Gissendanner, Ed (FL011832) FL 11/27/98 indefinite Gist, Fred (00000000) SC indefinite Glasgow, Teron (NY0551440 NY 04/23/02 indefinite Glidden, Ron (promoter) MA 08/20/97 indefinite Glover, Roger (PA013381) PA 03/20/02 doc must ok left hand Gogarty, Diedre (LA000824) GA 01/27/00 must renew Fed ID card Golden, Tony (WI010291) MI must pay fine Gomez, Cuauhtemoc (FL022492) NM 06/01/02 30 days Gomez, Eliseo (00000000) NV needs neuro Gomez, Francisco (00000000) NY indefinite Gomez, Gerardo (00000000) DF 05/02/01 indefinite Gomez, Jacobo (TX047442) CA 06/06/02 45 days Gomez, Manuel (TX021235) TX 06/06/02 30 days Gomez, Pablo (NJ048557) NY 09/25/97 must pay $500 fine Gomez, Ramon (CA031421) CA 08/04/00 retired by CA Gomez, Roberto (TX059199) TX 06/14/02 18 days Gomez, Victor (CA019892) CA 07/05/00 retired by CA Gomez, Wilfredo (00000000) FL abnormal MRI Gonzalez, Camelo (00000000) TX 06/06/02 30 days Gonzalez, Delia (NM015555) TX 06/21/02 18 days Gonzalez, Efren (00000000) DEN 02/17/00 indefinite Gonzalez, Felipe (CA060660) see Felipe Retano Gonzalez, Javier (00000000) CT indefinite Gonzalez, Jesse (TX050582) TX 06/21/02 12 days Gonzalez, Jorge (NV033042) NV 01/18/02 needs full neuro & Brain-MRI with & without contrast by a university neurologist approved by NV Commission Gonzalez, Jose (00000000) MD indefinite Gonzalez, Jose (CA046002) CA 01/18/01 call CA Gonzalez, Jose A (00000000) TAM 09/28/01 needs EEG & neuro Gonzalez, Luis (00000000) FL abnormal MRI Gonzalez, Marcos (TX008153) MON 10/29/99 indefinite Gonzalez, Orlando (FL008549) FL 08/13/98 must pay $800 fine Gonzalez, Oscar (00000000) PR needs EEG Gonzalez, Oscar (FL041495) FL 08/13/01 doc must ok right eye Gonzalez, Pedro (00000000) PR 07/15/95 needs EEG & neuro Gonzalez, Ramon (00000000) MA 03/14/95 indefinite Gonzalez, Romualdo(00000000) TAM 12/05/97 indefinite Gonzalez, William (PR049755) PR 03/26/98 needs EEG Gonzalez, Yolanda (NJ059300) TX 06/21/02 18 days Goodman, Gary (PA050897) PA 12/08/00 indefinite Goodman, Trent (IN063873) IN 02/09/02 indefinite Goodson, Sara (AR047022) see Sarah Jones Gormley, Josh (CA014686) ID 02/04/99 doc must ok brain scan & neuro Gorres, Jun (HI026682) HI 05/17/02 60 days Gorsuch, Jerry (NE053003) NE 04/29/00 permanently retired/call NE Gossett, Steve (00000000) MD indefinite Govedarov, Momtchil (00000000) AZ 01/28/97 indefinite Grable, Mike (00000000) MI must pay fine Graham, Derrick (NJ040385) PA 09/22/00 must renew Fed ID card Graham, Eric (OK052236) NE 06/27/99 needs EEG & physical exam Graham, Gerald (CA064684) CA 06/06/02 doc must ok left eye or 60 days Graham, Herol (00000000) NJ 03/28/98 needs EEG Grant, Dale (OR041454) OR 11/12/97 needs ophthalmologist ok Grant, Ladonta (IN055603) IN 01/27/01 indefinite Grant, Michael (PA016669) NY 04/29/00 must renew Fed ID card Grant, Richard (NY043354) NY 11/23/01 doc must ok hand Grant, Timothy (SC063820) SC 03/28/02 needs EKG Graves, Terrance (OK054362) OK 05/14/99 doc must ok right knee Gray, Don (NC037280) NC 12/01/98 indefinite Gray, Sean ( NV 05/17/02 until 07/02/02 Grazier, Frank (00000000) MS doc must ok right eye Greeley, Anthony (LA058303) TX 06/04/02 30 days Green, Albert (00000000) NY EEG, catscan, neuro needed Green, Darnell (NJ046190) VA 02/07/99 indefinite/must submit medical for high BP Green, Dick (CA016694) CA 04/09/98 retired by CA Green, James (NJ039508) NJ 01/15/96 needs EEG & all new medicals Green, James (NY039508) NY 03/15/98 indefinite Green, James (IN052649) IL 12/15/98 needs EEG & EKG Green, John (00000000) MA 05/26/95 indefinite Green, John (VA042258) GA 12/12/98 complete physical required by CT Green, Mark (OH016198) PA 05/06/00 indefinite/call PA Green, Matt (NC037281) PA 05/20/02 indefinite/call PA Green, Rodney (00000000) TN indefinite Green, Tracy (IN063913) IN 04/26/02 60 days Greene, Darnell (manager) NJ 11/20/98 $1500 fine Greene, Darnell (second) NJ 11/20/98 $1500 fine Gregory, Clifford (00000000) ONT 11/11/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Griffin, Stephen (DC058991) MTC 12/13/01 needs catscan & neuro Griffis, Talmadge (IL009630) NV 01/12/02 must renew Fed ID card Grove, Calvin (00000000) NJ 05/04/97 needs EEG Guadalupe, Luis (PR051748) PR 06/05/98 needs EEG Guereca, Bernardo (TX040141) TX 06/14/02 24 days Guerrero, Gerson (TX015409) NV 04/02/02 until 03/10/03 Guerrero, Oscar (CA034128) NM 06/21/02 30 days Guerrero, Ron (TX052015) NV 06/07/02 until 07/08/02 Guevara, Jose (00000000) PR needs EEG Guidi, Gina (CA040890) CA 12/11/01 must pay $500 fine Guido, Javier (00000000) FL abnormal MRI Gurrola, Urbano (NV016133) TX 05/03/02 60 days Gutierrez, Eduardo(CA029377) CA 05/16/02 doc must ok left eye or 60 days Gutierrez, Francisco (PR028269) PR 04/18/98 needs EEG & neuro Gutierrez, Jesse (TX048992) WA 06/22/02 7 days Gutierrez, Leonardo (CA025523) MEX 04/01/02 180 days Gutierrez, Lupe (00000000) CA retired by CA Gutierrez, Maricela (TX064159) TX 06/21/02 30 days Gutierrez, Miguel (NY059934) NY 10/03/01 needs MRI & neuro Guy, Joey (TN046068) NY 02/06/02 indefinite Guy, Joey (TN046068) TN 05/11/02 indefinite Guy, Robert (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan, neuro Guzman, Hilario (PR031126) PR 11/27/99 needs EEG, neuro Guzman, Pedro (00000000) MA 03/14/95 indefinite Guzman, William (00000000) MA 04/06/95 indefinite Hada, Masahior (trainer) OK 10/17/95 indefinite Haddock, Andre (PA012136) PA 05/25/00 doc must ok right ankle Haded, Scott (promoter) OR 09/03/99 must pay $369.94 Hagar, Jim (MO047921) MO 03/23/01 RED FLAG/call MO Comm Hahn, Chris (00000000) EDM 04/10/01 indefinite Hailstok, Kareem (00000000) NJ 04/11/97 needs EEG Hairston, Chris (NC057945) NV 06/01/02 until 07/17/02 Hale, Mark (IN054562) IL 06/21/02 45 days/needs EEG needs HIV test Hall, Dwayne (MA022155) OIN 02/19/99 needs catscan & neuro Hall, Kevin (VA032247) TN 06/08/02 60 days Hall, Richard (00000000) FL 08/01/01 must contact FL Hall, Richard (NC052562) MD 05/09/02 60 days Hall, Sara (00000000) NJ 06/30/98 needs EEG Hall, Wendell (00000000) RI 05/24/02 70 days Halstead, Steve (00000000) VA indefinite Hamilton, Derek (00000000) NJ 11/29/97 needs EEG Hamilton, Eric (VA039498) NJ 07/20/97 needs all medicals Hamilton, Felton (NY006069) NJ 10/06/99 needs neuro Hamilton, Felton (NY006069) MTC 04/07/00 needs EEG, catscan and neuro evaluation Hamilton, Herschel(00000000) PA 07/19/97 permanent/record 1-6/ 6 losses by KO Hammer, Ken (NY052222) NY 03/29/01 indefinite Hammond, Royan (00000000) CA 10/21/94 additional neuro needed Handy, Carl (LA049203) MS 06/22/02 18 days Handy, Tyrone (IL053839) IL 01/22/01 retired/call IL Hardee, Kent (NC011583) NY 08/23/00 indefinite Hardin, Petey (00000000) FL indefinite/false ID Hargrove, Laura (ND046449) ND 09/22/00 indefinite Harmon, Darryl (FL040684) FL 09/15/98 doc must ok teeth Haros, Juan (00000000) Sinaloa indefinite Harrell, Joe (00000000) FL 08/01/97 doc must ok full range of motion Harris, Bob (MA006090) MA 02/27/99 indefinite Harris, David (NY047301) NY see Barton Velez Harris, Donell (OH060459) FL 02/02/01 indefinite Harris, Jerry (IN010345) IN 06/10/99 indefinite Harris, Joseph (WI054996) MO 06/28/01 must renew Fed ID card Harris, Kevin (00000000) FL indefinite/blind in one eye Harris, Kolmarge (MI060506) TX 06/21/02 45 days Harris, Mike (00000000) MA 07/22/94 indefinite Harris, Ronell (OH049502) IL 09/12/98 needs physical Harris, Samuel (00000000) DC indefinite Harris, Vincent (00000000) PR 05/11/02 doc must ok left hand Harris Jr, Tommy (00000000) FL 01/25/01 indefinite/call GA Harrison, Jimmy (00000000) MA 04/22/95 indefinite Harvey, Samuel (OH049437) MD 04/01/02 indefinite Harwood, Cesar (00000000) NJ EEG, catscan needed Hastings, Mike (00000000) AZ indefinite Hatcher, Perry (GA062128) GA 06/04/02 30 days Haugen, Greg (WA002889) CA 02/28/00 retired by CA/must pay $2500 Haulcy, David (IN053845) IN 01/15/00 indefinite Hawk, Jimmy (MAC049470) MAC 05/08/99 indefinite Hawkins, Undra (TX018697) TX 11/20/01 indefinite/needs neuro Hawthorne, Andre (OK027446) MO 09/17/00 indefinite Hawthorne, Keith (00000000) MA 06/24/94 indefinite Hayes, Allen (NC047990) SC 08/31/99 indefinite Hayes, Arthur (00000000) MD needs neuro, MRI, EEG Hayes, Drew (NJ018800) PA 02/11/00 must renew Fed ID card Hayes, Marlon (NJ043769) NV 05/17/02 until 07/17/02 Haynes, Jerry (00000000) CT 05/19/00 needs neuro clearance Head, Kenneth (00000000) NJ 03/31/01 needs catscan & neuro Head, Shannon (00000000) FL 07/28/01 indefinite Hedges, Lisa (NY029409) NY 05/11/00 indefinite Helton, Joseph (AR057284) MO 11/11/00 license retired Hennie, Andre (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Henry, Andre (MD047292) PA 11/16/01 needs catscan Henry, Andre (MD047292) MD 11/17/01 must pay $400 fine Henry, Dale (DC041026) DC 02/02/99 indefinite Henry, Eugene (00000000) MI must pay $250 fine Henry, Jesse (TX019218) TX 11/14/97 indefinite Hereford, Mario (OH047381) TN 08/26/00 must renew fed ID card Hernandez, Alfredo see Alfredo Torres Hernandez, Carlos (CA063997) CA 05/23/02 doc must ok right eye or 60 days Hernandez, Carlos (CA035566) TX 06/14/02 30 days Hernandez, Eddie (CA034845) CA 12/07/01 indefinite Hernandez, Eric (AZ018254) TX 05/04/00 must renew Fed ID card Hernandez, Isidro (00000000) PR 12/22/01 needs neuro evaluation Hernandez, Juan (PR047688) PR needs EEG Hernandez, Kleimer(TX016190) PR 05/29/99 needs EEG Herring, Donald (GA064379) GA 04/17/02 contact GA Commission prior to making match Hess, Charles (00000000) WV 06/01/02 30 days Heyen, Dustin (IN064612) IN 06/01/02 30 days Hibble, John (IL042215) NY 11/22/99 indefinite Hickey, Tommy (AR064839) NV 06/07/02 until 07/08/02 Hicks, Cliff (NC031184) GA 09/14/99 needs complete neuro exam Higgins, Connor (NJ051339) PA 11/09/01 must renew Fed ID card High, Bobby (00000000) NJ 04/08/02 90 days/needs catscan & ENT Higuera, Martin (00000000) CA 01/29/98 indefinite Hill, Eric (00000000) FL must pay $300 fine Hill, Gerald (MO049161) OK 08/04/01 needs EEG & catscan Hill, Hank (00000000) NJ 09/06/97 needs EEG Hill, Jeffrey (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months/needs EEG Hill, Jerry (NC061974) SC 04/25/02 indefinite Hill, Keith (CA050979) CA/OR 07/31/99 indefinite Hill, Virgil (00000000) NV 09/16/00 doc must ok right wrist & left shoulder Hinich, Milan (IL048103) IL 08/24/01 needs optical exam Hinton, Shane (00000000) EDM 04/10/01 indefinite Hipp, Joseph (WA018057) SCI 12/09/99 doc must ok right knee Hobart, James (SC051019) VA 06/16/01 needs catscan & MRI Hockensmith, George (IA018443) MO 05/19/98 needs MRI Hoffman, John (MN035755) NV 04/27/02 until 07/27/02 Holbert, James (SC051019) see James Hobart Holbrook, Venlen (00000000) MA 06/17/94 indefinite Holcomb, William (GA061229) GA 04/21/01 permanent contact GA Holland, Jason (IN058793) IN 01/27/01 indefinite Holley, James see Jim Holly Holley, Sean (CA037116) CA 05/30/02 45 days Holliday, Heidi (00000000) NV 09/28/99 doc must ok right foot/ Momentum Ent contract must be honored Hollis, Charles (TX014204) TX 02/15/01 doc must ok right arm Hollis, Leroy (FL045402) FL 05/25/02 doc must ok right shoulder and hand Holloway, Robert (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan Holloway, Wayne (OH041292) OH 08/24/00 needs medical ok Hollowell, Darryl (MD002673) MD 05/07/01 must pay $400 fine Hollowell, Darryl (MD002673) MS 06/07/02 30 days Holly, Gene (00000000) PA 10/06/94 permanent/1-22 record Holly, Jim (manager) OH 01/16/96 indefinite Holly, Jim (second) PA 03/24/97 indefinite/$400 fine/ falsification of ID Holly, Jim (second) IN 10/02/98 indefinite/$1000 fine/ falsification of ID Holly, Jim (second) SC 10/05/00 indefinite Holly Jr, James (00000000) KY indefinite Holman, James (00000000) NY 03/04/94 ophthalmologist must ok Holman, Joe (SC048994) MD 10/29/97 indefinite pending hearing Holmes, Gerald (NJ047605) NJ 11/10/98 indefinite/needs all medicals Holt, Peter (00000000) CAL 01/21/00 doc must ok eyesight Honeycutt, Rick (00000000) NY needs EEG, MRI, neuro Hood, Penny (TX064409) TX 06/21/02 30 days Hoover, James (00000000) MO 04/29/02 indefinite Hope, Tim (OH0496850 SC 04/12/01 needs EEG, EKG, catscan & neuro Hopkins, Doug (00000000) KY indefinite Horan, Jeffrey (WA054590) WA 06/22/02 7 days Horne, Altoria (MS062940) FL 05/25/02 30 days Horne, Andre (00000000) NJ needs EEG Hornday, Jeff (IN063891) IN 06/01/02 60 days Horsefield, Derrick (00000000) ONT 06/27/00 needs EEG, catscan & pyschometric evaluation Hosaflook, Scott (00000000) WV 06/01/02 45 days Hoskin, Taquella (OH049817) RI 04/21/00 indefinite Houghton, Lisa (LA048492) NJ 06/30/98 needs EEG Houston, Howard (00000000) MO 08/26/99 indefinite Howard, James (00000000) PA 03/13/94 must pass drug test Howard, Peter (00000000) NJ 11/24/00 needs neuro Huffaker, Marcel (00000000) IL 10/11/96 indefinite Huffaker, Marcel (00000000) MI 10/28/97 1 Year starting upon payment of $1000 fine Hughes, Roy (MO050329) IA 06/15/02 30 days Hughes, Henry (OH013147) ONT 06/27/00 needs EEG, catscan & pyschometric evaluation Hughey, Stanley (SC018043) NY indefinite Hugley, Carl (00000000) MI needs MRI Hulse, Edward (NY051605) NY 07/20/99 indefinite/ENT Humes, Ed (MO034437) KY 06/22/02 must renew Fed ID card Humm, Tim (NE057198) IA 08/25/01 doc must ok left eye Humphrey, Darren (00000000) OK 04/27/02 doc must ok right hand Hunt, Robert (VA042272) VA 05/18/01 must renew Fed ID card Hunter, Randy (00000000) KY indefinite Hurtado, Javier (TX021642) AZ/ABC/NM indefinite Huratdo, Ramon (CA008958) NV 06/07/02 until 07/23/02 Hutchenson, Karen (NC064335) SC 03/28/02 90 days/needs catscan Hyde, Nakia (IN054434) IN 01/29/02 needs updated HIV Hykes, Shane (NC037277) DC 01/24/00 DC must ok Ibagrimov, Sultan (FL064759) FL 05/25/02 must contact FL Comm Ibarra, Fernando (NM042710) MO 01/29/99 license retired Ibarra, Genaro (00000000) JUA/AZ indefinite IGM Enterprises, Inc. see Robert Matias Iha, Fabiano (kick-box) NV 09/28/01 needs catscan Ikeke, Kingsley (CA019395) OH 07/20/01 doc must x-ray & ok ribs Imardiyi, Josh (MA035159) CT 06/12/98 needs EEG Isbell, Brian (00000000) NV doc must ok right eye Ivory, Anthony (IL021935) IA 02/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Izon, David (FL037339) NY 12/01/01 needs catscan & neuro Jackson, Bert (VA048865) PA 06/21/02 60 days/must renew ID card Jackson, Charles (00000000) MD indefinite Jackson, Dale (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Jackson, Earl (PA022808) WA 06/01/02 30 days Jackson, Eric (SC049512) MD 01/29/98 indefinite Jackson, Jason (OH055808) MO 12/02/99 license retired Jackson, Jerry (00000000) MI must pay fine Jackson, Jim (IN017597) MI 06/21/02 60 days Jackson, Julian (NV003407) MI/NV 05/24/98 RED FLAG/call NV Comm Jackson, Lionel (AR042592) MO 09/15/98 indefinite Jackson, Robert (CA010833) CA 09/14/98 retired by CA Jackson, Ron (00000000) MI needs catscan Jackson, Troy (MD011971) MD 08/04/87 permanent/left eye Jackson, Tyrone (NY048860) MD 03/23/00 must renew Fed ID card Jackson, Tyrone (NY048860) NY 08/27/01 indefinite Jaco, Adam (FL052002) FL 04/25/02 orthopedic surgeon must ok right shoulder Jacob, Darrell (00000000) PA indefinite/4-26 record/ lack of skill Jacobs, Jacklord (NV001891) NV 04/26/02 doc must ok left shoulder or until 10/26/02 Jacobs, Rod (NY052807) NY 03/22/02 indefinite Jamerson, Ken (00000000) MI must pay fine James, Derrick (NV036064) NC 01/25/01 indefinite James, Drexie (00000000) MP 12/15/01 needs physical evaluation contact Commission James, Frank (FL041808) MTC 05/18/02 doc must ok blood pressure evaluation James, John (PA047466) PA 10/29/99 indefinite James, Sam (00000000) NJ needs EEG Jamison, Michael (00000000) TN 03/25/02 indefinite Jefferson, Michael(00000000) NY/MA 12/10/93 indefinite Jefferson, Troy (00000000) LA indefinite Jeffries, Kelsey (CA054322) TX 06/21/02 24 days Jeffries, Richard (00000000) MI must pay fine Jemison, Menford (00000000) OH indefinite Jenrette, Stephan (00000000) MD needs neuro, catscan & MRI Jimenez, Daniel (PR019255) PR 04/27/01 needs catscan & neuro Jimenez, Darling (00000000) NJ 04/12/02 needs ophthalmological exam Jimenez, Jesus (CA024880) CA 06/13/02 60 days Jirov, Vassiliy (AZ046704) NV 09/08/01 doc must x-ray & ok right hand 3rd metacarpal Johnson, Adarryl (NV047662) CA 04/26/02 must renew Fed ID card Johnson, Chauncey (00000000) FL needs neuro Johnson, Chris (GA051455) YN 08/03/01 indefinite Johnson, Derrick (TX046891) UT 10/20/01 doc must ok right shoulder Johnson, Eugene (GA046219) MD 07/19/99 indefinite Johnson, George (CA050844) CA 04/19/02 retired by CA Johnson, Glengoffe(FL037420) NV 04/14/02 doc must ok left elbow or until 10/14/02 Johnson, Greg (WA037664) ONT 04/16/99 needs EEG, catscan & pyschometric evaluation Johnson, Harold (WI018350) IL 05/14/01 indefinite Johnson, John (TX015218) NY 04/05/02 indefinite Johnson, Keff (PA054123) PA 03/25/02 90 days Johnson, Keheven (OK010767) MO 12/02/97 retired by MO Johnson, Kenyon (00000000) NJ needs EEG Johnson, Kevin (MD038802) MD 06/20/02 60 days Johnson, Mark (MI040712) PA 04/26/02 60 days Johnson, Robert (WI052935) IN 01/15/00 indefinite/needs EEG Johnson, Ronnie (VA055560) VA 02/07/01 indefinite Johnson, Rose (MD048395) NJ 09/11/98 needs EEG Johnson, Stan (WI003168) IA 09/20/01 retired by IA Johnson, Starr (TX050550) TX 06/04/02 18 days Johnson, Thomas (00000000) CA 02/22/02 indefinite Johnson, Terry (OH032020) IN 03/07/02 needs updated HIV test Johnson, Tyrone (00000000) PA/NJ 05/22/92 indefinite/failed physical Johnson, Walter (promoter) NC 08/14/01 indefinite/also suspended as manager & cornerman Jones, Anthony (MI012064) IL 03/23/01 needs EEG/indefinite must renew Fed ID card Jones, Brian (WI035186) WI 07/28/01 needs EEG or catscan Jones, Calvin (OH009194) CT 09/11/97 indefinite Jones, Corey (00000000) MO indefinite Jones, Daryl (OH026802) FL 03/19/99 indefinite Jones, Eric (00000000) MI indefinite Jones, Greg (IL049147) IL 11/22/00 indefinite Jones, Ken (00000000) FL catscan needed Jones, John (NJ022260) NJ 03/04/00 indefinite Jones, Lennox (00000000) PR 08/25/00 needs EEG Jones, Marjorie (WI052449) CA 06/15/00 retired by CA Jones, Michael (00000000) OH indefinite Jones, Nate (IL046666) NV 02/29/00 must renew Fed ID card Jones, Odell (00000000) MD indefinite Jones, Paul (00000000) TN/MO indefinite Jones, Ralph (00000000) NV 04/18/97 needs neuro Jones, Renard (NV047597) ID 03/05/98 needs MRI Jones, Rodney (AR016238) AR 01/10/02 indefinite Jones, Sarah (AR047022) CO 06/15/02 30 days Jordan, Chris (00000000) FL 11/04/00 indefinite Juarez, Elias (FL011153) GA 09/29/01 needs neuro send to GA Juarez, Jose (CA051565) NV 06/14/02 until 07/30/02 Juarez, Mike (NE021197) TX 05/17/02 60 days Julio, Jorge (CA024993) TN 06/08/02 30 days Julio, Jorge (CA024993) NV 06/12/02 has mild cataracts in both eyes wich are currently outside visual axis and should be checked before & after each fight to insure they are not interfering with his vision Julio, Mauricio (PR015179) PR 08/28/98 needs EEG & neuro Justice, Calvin (CA032080) CA 10/19/99 must renew Fed ID card Juuko, Justin (NV031536) NV 06/22/02 until 08/07/02 Kabinejead, Cameron (FL054519) FL/BBC07/14/99 indefinite Kaljevic, Peter (NY054422) PA 06/21/02 60 days Kandelaki, Georgi (CT052175) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Kaufman, Arthur (promoter) CO 07/19/01 1 Year/Call CO Kearney, Chris (VA061462) MD 06/12/01 indefinite Keepers, Jordan (WI018040) WI 11/02/00 needs EEG, catscan & new physical Kelczweski, Tom (00000000) MA indefinite Kelley, Curtis (CA052485) CA 06/28/01 high blood pressure/retired by CA Kellman, George (FL026144) FL 10/05/01 retired by FL Kellogg, Billy (MN055635) IL 11/24/99 needs EEG & EKG Kelly, Damaen (CT049401) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Kemp, Willie (00000000) MONC indefinite Kennedy, Derrick (00000000) NJ 02/18/98 needs EEG/$500 fine Kennedy, Jeff (MS013144) MS 10/16/99 indefinite Kennedy, William (00000000) MD indefinite Kenneth, Joseph (FL048728) NJ 01/31/98 needs EEG Kenney, Larry (MO023948) TX 06/04/02 30 days Kern, Tony (IN036548) OH 06/01/02 60 days Key, Max (VA022927) NJ 04/28/99 permanent Keys, Charles (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Khachtryan, Arman (00000000) NJ 06/30/01 needs catscan & neuro Kidd, Kenneth (TN014462) TN 04/07/98 must present complete neurological workup Kiley, Richard (NY031327) NY 11/26/01 needs eye exam Kim, Han (00000000) NJ 02/16/01 needs neuro Kimbrough, Leon (WI057831) WI 05/19/00 needs EEG or catscan Kimbrough, Richard(00000000) IL indefinite King, Andre (NM064327) CO 06/15/02 30 days Kirish, Robert (00000000) NY/NJ indefinite Kirkland, Eric (CT033664) MTC 12/14/01 indefinite Kirkland, Gary (IN029369) IN 11/23/99 indefinite Kirkland, Joe (IL010727) IL 06/25/98 needs complete physical/EEG/EKG Kiwanuka, Joseph (NV007828) CA 04/27/02 doc must ok left eye & nose or 90 days Klinesmith, George(OH053085) TN 06/08/02 30 days Knapp, Chuck (00000000) MD indefinite Knipp, Ryan (FL065114) MS 06/22/02 12 days Knotts, Warren (00000000) FL/MD banned/used false name Koenig, Anne (FL046779) CT 01/13/00 needs EEG, catscan & neuro evaluation Konadu, Nana (NV016582) NY 05/12/01 needs ophthalmological exam Kone, Andreas (FL050564) NY 05/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Kraizman, Alex (NY046835) NY 11/19/97 indefinite/cerebral Kronberger, Warren(CA054942) NV 01/18/02 doc must ok nose or 07/18/02 Krull, Ron (00000000) NJ 06/11/02 2 years Kudo, Kanako (CA054946) CA 05/11/00 retired by CA Kuhn, Scott (WV059994) OH 03/16/02 indefinite Kulihaapai, Tali (HI017024) NV 01/18/02 doc must ok left hand or until 07/18/02 Kulis, Rick (promoter) OR 09/03/99 must pay $602.94 Kyle, Michael ( NV 05/17/02 until 07/02/02 Kyles, Willie (FL053744) NY 03/30/00 indefinite La Coursiere, Larry (MN029224) CA 04/22/01 needs neuro La Porte, Luis (00000000) NY indefinite La Prairie, Damion(MN048956) see Damion Sutten Lacen, Isander (00000000) PR 04/26/02 2 months/needs EEG Lacen, Isander (00000000) PR 06/22/01 needs ENT exam Lacey, Mario (MS056290) NJ 04/20/01 needs catscan & neuro Ladson, Louis (NC039250) NC 12/11/99 indefinite Ladson, Marvin (NC003751) NC 02/04/00 indefinite/needs full medicals/ EEG, MRI & catscan Lagos, Javier (CA041194) CA 06/14/02 18 days Lainhart, Ric (VA003775) VA 04/13/01 indefinite/needs catscan & neuro exam & test Lakusta, Ken (trainer) EDM 05/04/01 indefinite Lamb, Ahmed (NJ048645) NJ 04/08/98 permanent Lampkin, Calvin (TX016830) NY 04/21/00 indefinite Lampkins, Derrick (GA038160) GA 10/22/98 indefinite Landeros, Alejandro (00000000) CUL 10/08/98 indefinite Landrum, Michael (00000000) CA retired by CA Lanham, Shane (00000000) OH needs medical exam Lara, Victoria (TX054653) TX 10/04/01 indefinite Larios, Oscar (CA014482) CA 05/17/02 doc must ok right eye & ribs or 60 days Larrinaga, Filiberto (00000000) PR 07/07/01 needs neurological evaluation Laurel, Shae (00000000) MD indefinite Lawlor, Pat (CA018656) PA 03/22/02 needs eye exam Lawlor, Pat (CA018656) CA 06/24/02 45 days/doc must ok left ribs or 180 days Leagans, Bobby (NC056543) NC 12/11/99 indefinite Leak, Milton (00000000) MA 09/20/96 indefinite Ledesma, Jose (TX065057) TX 06/14/02 30 days Lee, Mac (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Lee, Raheem (IL043952) PR 12/14/97 needs orthopedic evaluation & x-ray of right hand Legends of Boxing (promoter) see Cozell McQueen Lenhart, Kendra (00000000) GA 06/18/02 must renew ID card with GA Leon, Genaro (00000000) FL 06/06/98 must pay $5000 fine Leonard, Sam (00000000) TX needs neuro, MRI Leonas, Eddie (00000000) TX needs EKG, EEG, catscan Lerma, Michael (TX015778) TX 05/31/02 30 days Levin, Preston (00000000) PA indefinite/violation of code Lewis, John (NE057306) NE 08/17/01 permanently retired Lewis, Panama (trainer) NY indefinite Lewis, Reggie (promoter) LA 08/23/00 failure to pay boxers Lewis, Stacy (00000000) MA 09/21/00 indefinite Lewis, Wayne (IN050280) KY 04/18/98 indefinite Leyba, Confesor (NY042852) NY 11/13/00 indefinite Licona, Marcos (CA041341) OK 05/24/02 must renew Fed ID card Liebergen, Lon (00000000) NV doc must ok skull x-ray Light-El, Andre (MD048988) MD 01/29/98 doc must ok eye Liles, Frank (NV020390) PA 03/30/02 90 days/must renew ID card Lindsay, John (NC018302) PA 06/21/02 45 days Linkins, Walter (MD041431) MD 09/24/98 doc must ok nose Linthicum, Kent (00000000) CA retired by CA Linton, Patricia (TX057497) OK 12/14/01 needs neuro Littlechief, Ruth (WI054170) WI 03/04/99 needs EEG or catscan Lizarraga, Frank (CA030942) CA 12/18/99 retired by CA Lloyd, Michael (CA018636) CA 04/22/00 retired by CA Lo Franco, John (NY061517) NY 10/06/01 indefinite Lockard, Albert (NY048453) NJ 11/19/97 indefinite/cerebral Lockhart, Anthony (00000000) NC 03/31/00 must renew Fed ID card Lockhart, Ben (00000000) ABC indefinite Lockley, Demetrius(00000000) PA 02/13/97 needs complete physical/ catscan, eye exam Lomax, Ken (00000000) FL must pay $500 fine Long, Ed (DE049057) NJ 09/06/97 needs EEG Longoria, Angel (MN037768) MN 05/29/99 needs catscan Lopez, Cristian (WA064313) WA 06/01/02 30 days Lopez, Eduardo (promoter) TN 04/26/02 indefinite/must pay taxes Lopez, Eugene (CO031731) CO 06/15/02 30 days Lopez, Joel (FL052517) TX 10/14/01 indefinite Lopez, Jose (PR034449) CA 06/07/02 until 08/07/02 Lopez, Jose (00000000) ONT 06/21/02 30 days Lopez, Kenny (00000000) CA 03/13/01 indefinite Lopez, Lupe (NE020029) MT 11/12/98 doc must ok right hand Lopez, Peter (AZ012130) AZ 02/09/99 must pass proficiency test Lopez, Rocky (TX062423) TX 06/21/02 12 days Lopez, Ruben (NV049824) NV 06/22/02 until 08/07/02 Lopez, Terry (PA035683) ABC 08/21/97 needs EEG/catscan Lorona, Alfred (CA052064) ID 08/19/99 needs MRI Loudy, Anthony (CO063017) CO 05/05/02 60 days/needs neuro Love, Jeffrey (OH038422) GA 04/27/02 indefinite/contact GA Love, Stan (promoter) NM indefinite Lovett, Andre (WI059332) IA 06/07/02 30 days Loving, Nkrumah (00000000) NY needs catscan Lowe, Jerald (GA057346) GA 05/24/02 indefinite Lubwama, James (FL052671) NC 01/25/01 must renew Fed ID card Lucas, Eric (PA034658) MP 03/01/02 orthopedic doc must x-ray & ok right hand Lucas, Javier (CA014266) FL 03/10/01 indefinite/contact CA Lucero, Chris (00000000) OR 05/18/01 indefinite Lucero, Eloy (CO019461) CO 05/05/02 60 days/needs neuro Lugo, Jorge (PR051878) PR 08/12/98 needs EEG Lugo, Jose (00000000) PR 02/17/01 needs EEG Luna, Ezequiel (agent) MEX 06/11/99 indefinite Luna, Juan (00000000) MON 07/26/01 indefinite Lyakovich, Sergei (00000000) NJ 06/01/02 60 days/needs catscan Lyles, Mike (00000000) MD needs neuro Lynks, Michael (AZ059434) AZ 03/25/01 call AZ before licensing Lynks, Michael (AZ059434) NV 05/03/02 ophthalmologist must ok both eyes for retinal tears MacKenzie, Manuel (00000000) CA 10/06/97 retired by CA Madison, Carl (00000000) MA 09/24/97 indefinite Madison, Jeffrey (PA057373) PA 03/16/00 must pay $100 fine/ negative drug test to PA Madrid, Jose (CA022357) CA 11/14/98 retired by CA Madrigal, Carlos (CA045316) NV 01/12/02 must renew Fed ID card Maestas, Marty (NM041162) NM 02/19/00 doc must ok/needs neuro Mahfood, Valerie (TX048678) TX 06/14/02 24 days Maldonado, Jose (NY045188) NY 05/16/00 RED FLAG/call NY Comm Maldonado, Julian (NE015593) CO 07/22/01 1 Year/needs neuro Maldonado, Polibio(FL038077) NY 11/06/00 indefinite Malone, Orlando (NE009670) CO 08/27/00 retired by CO Malone, Sean (CT018789) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Mamby, Saoul (00000000) NC 05/19/00 permanent Manasseh, Kwan (OH040226) IA 06/16/02 30 days Mancillas, Leo (00000000) Rey/JUA/CA indefinite Mancini, Ray (00000000) NV needs catscan & neuro Manderschied, John(OH056705) IN 01/21/00 indefinite Mann, Joel (OH062251) FL 01/18/02 indefinite Manore, Robert (NE048790) CO 11/10/01 doc must ok jaw Mansfield, Robert (WA056047) OR 07/29/00 doc must ok hands Mapp, Nathan (00000000) PA 09/06/96 needs complete physical/ EEG, eye exam Maraldo, Ryan (IN057730) MP 04/16/02 90 days Marcantonio, Scott(NJ045312) NJ 12/07/98 permanent/$1500 fine Marcus, Edgerton (NY020801) NY 10/12/01 indefinite Marin, Jorge (00000000) NY indefinite Marquez, Antonio (00000000) CA 07/03/00 must pay $400 fine Marquez, Benjie (NM004269) AZ 02/09/01 call AZ Commission Marquez, Benjie (NM004269) CO 02/10/02 indefinite Marquez, Hector (NV038117) nv 06/21/02 UNTIL 08/21/02 Marquez, Juan (NV019523) PA 03/09/02 must renew Fed ID card Marquez, Mariano (PA041544) PA 04/13/02 indefinite Marquez, Raul (TX036141) FL 03/08/02 doc must ok left eye Marte, Carlos (00000000) CT indefinite Marte, Carlos (NY038855) PR 04/03/98 needs EEG & neuro Marti, Felix (PA018757) NJ 10/06/99 needs neuro Martin, Joseph (NY061593) NY 09/11/93 needs EEG & catscan Martin, Karen (CA058752) TX 06/21/02 9 days Martin, Timothy (GA061326) GA 05/05/01 permanent/contact GA Martin, Tony (00000000) NV needs opthalomologist ok Martin, Tory (WI046709) IN 04/10/01 must renew Fed ID card Martin, Wesley (TX039787) TX 10/04/01 indefinite Martinez, Anthony (NM048977) NM 08/08/98 needs catscan Martinez, Anthony (00000000) FL 01/19/00 needs EEG, catscan & neuro exam Martinez, Carlos (AZ045727) GA 03/23/00 doc must ok both hands/ must renew Fed ID card Martinez, Enrique (00000000) PR 07/07/01 needs EEG & neuro evaluation Martinez, Jaime (00000000) PR 08/26/01 needs EEG Martinez, Jose (PR039378) PR 03/06/98 needs EEG Martinez, Jesse (CA022867) CA 05/23/02 45 days Martinez, Mario (00000000) CA retired by CA Martinez, Maximo (CA061866) CA 06/22/01 do not license Martinez, Miguel (CA020019) CA 03/11/00 retired by CA Martinez, Ray (IL035925) IL 01/31/02 needs drug test Martinez, Rene (FL055931) FL 01/23/00 doc must ok nose Martinez, Rodolfo (00000000) NY indefinite Martinez, Ron (KY033655) TN 06/08/02 30 days Martinez, Ruben (00000000) TAM 08/28/98 doc must ok cuts Martinez, Rudy (CA051323) AZ 05/04/00 must renew Fed ID card Martir, Jessica (00000000) PR 10/22/00 needs EEG, neuro & chin x-ray Mason, Erik (NV057879) CA 07/20/01 doc must ok possible detached retina/license denied Mason, James (TN029747) SC 04/12/01 doc must ok left ankle Mason, James (00000000) MI 06/15/01 indefinite Mason, Richard (OH015161) NY 02/26/00 indefinite Mata, Todd see Robert Kirish Matchett, Delvolae(MD052148) NY 08/06/01 indefinite Matias, Robert (promoter) CA 07/24/01 indefinite/$1000 fine Matos, Henry (00000000) 05/25/02 2 months/needs EEG & neuro eval Matthews, Dennis (TX034078) OK 05/24/02 until 07/15/02//must have chest x-ray Matthews, Morris (00000000) VA indefinite Mauahiti, Jean (CA059218) CA 11/16/00 needs neuro Mavrovic, Zeljko (CT037530) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Maxwell, Michael (NY048298) NY 10/08/99 indefinite/$300 fine Maynard, Andrew (NE020804) NY 10/20/00 indefinite Mayo, Everett (VA023819) NY 04/02/98 indefinite Mayorquin, Paul (00000000) WA 08/06/97 doc must ok cut eye Maysonet, Luis (CT029447) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Mayweather, Floyd (NV045572) NV 04/20/02 doc must ok left shoulder or until 10/20/02 Mazzucca, Anthony (second) FL 02/13/96 must pay $1000 fine McAlister, Lynwood(00000000) NY indefinite McCaleb, Kevin (00000000) PA must pay $100 fine McCall, Larry (00000000) PA/NS indefinite/13-52 record McCants, Corey (OH058544) PA 06/01/02 30 days McClain, Josh (IN053803) IN 10/29/99 indefinite McClendon, John (FL020370) FL 02/13/98 permanent McCloud, Corrice (MD049269) MD 09/27/97 must pay MD $370.00 McCluskey, David (MS010566) MS 06/14/02 30 days McCracken, Jeff (NV004406) CA 05/30/02 45 days//doc must ok both eyes & left check or 60 days McCray, James (00000000) MA 06/21/02 30 days McCullough, Kennedy (NV001829) CA 04/26/01 retired by CA McCurdy, James (OH061111) IN 08/31/01 indefinite McDade, Kevin (NY048575) NY 09/08/98 indefinite McDaniel, Wallace (00000000) TN 06/04/02 60 days McDonald, Willie (GA016215) GA 09/29/01 needs neuro/send reports to GA McDonald, Rochelle(CA050681) CA 02/20/98 retired by CA McFadden, Larry (MO004353) KS 05/26/98 needs MRI & doc ok McFadden, Robert (NJ038358) NJ 09/25/97 must pay $500 fine McFail, Mike (00000000) RI 05/24/02 35 days McFarland, Lisa (FL045817) MS 06/07/02 30 days McFarley, Edmund (00000000) FL 02/15/02 indefinite McGee, Willie (LA004424) FL 05/15/92 must pay $800 fine McGhee, Greg (CT004562) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card McGill, Richard (00000000) OH 08/05/96 RED FLAG/call OH Comm McGlothin, Jack (00000000) OH/KY indefinite McGovern, Brian (NJ048634) NJ 09/25/97 must pay $500 fine McGrady, Michael (FL013453) PA 06/01/02 60 days McGrew, Darren (FL017064) FL 11/20/98 needs MRI McIver, Brian (CA056461) CA 12/17/99 retired by CA McKechnai, Francis(MI055336) OH 03/16/02 indefinite McKinney, Dennis (SC048795) MD 06/20/02 30 days McKinney, Don (IN010117) IN 04/24/99 needs EEG McKinney, Jeff (IN050449) IN 06/01/02 60 days McKinney, Keith (00000000) NY indefinite McKinney, Kennedy (TN021088) MS 06/07/02 18 days McKinney, Kevin (OH055581) FL 01/29/02 needs neuro McKinney, John (NC052334) NV 04/27/02 until 06/27/02 McLean, Bernard (MD041860) NJ 06/28/96 needs EEG McLean, Jerome (00000000) NJ 05/17/02 90 days McMahon, Jim (00000000) NY indefinite McMahon, Patrick (MD046175) PA 09/23/99 needs neuro McMullin, Larry (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan McNeeley, Peter (MA033644) FL 03/17/01 needs neuro exam McNeil, David (MS055599) MAC 05/18/02 doc must ok McNeil, Delbert (00000000) AZ/UT indefinite McNeil, Toure (CA063880) CA 05/23/02 45 days/doc must ok right shoulder or 180 days McNulty, Landy (00000000) OR 03/25/00 must get Fed ID card McQueen, Cozell (promoter) OR 09/03/99 must pay $302.01 McQueen, Perry (00000000) MD indefinite Mealancon, David (CA035373) OR 10/09/99 indefinite Means, Derrick (PA033429) PA 01/04/00 indefinite/must contact PA Medei, Bill (00000000) FL needs catscan Medina, Gustavo (00000000) NV needs EEG Medina, Leoncio (00000000) PR needs EEG Medina, Nelson (CA031886) NV 09/28/01 doc must ok right cheek Medina, Nelson (CA031886) MTC 04/27/02 90 days/needs neuro Medy, Patrick (00000000) NY indefinite Meekins, John (NY010809) NY 03/15/98 indefinite Mejia, Luis (CA029359) CA 05/06/99 retired by CA Mejias, Cesar (00000000) NY indefinite Melendez, Julio (PR040960) FL 06/06/98 $50 fine Melendez, Julio (PR040960) PR 09/19/98 needs EEG Melendez, Luis (PA017459) PA 11/10/01 retired by PA Mellado, Genaro (CA045427) CA 06/24/02 45 days Melvin, Bryan (NE033584) NE 08/14/00 permanently retired/call NE Melvin, Michael (PA049570) NY 03/07/02 needs eye exam Mendez, Ron (00000000) NJ 02/22/97 needs EEG Mendivil, Eduardo (CA048899) WA 06/22/02 7 days Mendoza, Antonio (FL049643) MAC 09/25/99 needs medical ok Mendoza, Jesus (TX038859) MON 12/22/00 indefinite Mendoza, Martin (NM064354) CO 05/03/02 60 days/ortho doc must ok right thumb Menefee, Eric (00000000) AR 08/11/01 indefinite Mercado, Nelson (NY051641) see Ricky Nelson Merriweather, James (00000000) OIN 06/07/02 30 days Mervil, Bart (00000000) NJ 03/23/02 indefinite Middleton, Vincent(00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Miera, Eloy (NM038426) NM 08/14/99 indefinite/doc must clear Mijares, Leo (00000000) see Leo Mancillas Miles, Nathaniel (WA034710) WA 04/28/01 indefinite Millan, Osvaldo (00000000) 05/25/02 2 months/needs EEG Miller, Donald (WV054603) OH 05/03/02 indefinite Miller, Eugene (00000000) NY indefinite Miller, Kevin (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan Miller, Kevin (KY058660) OH 05/03/02 60 days Miller, Terry (00000000) TN indefinite Miller, Tim (KY064530) WV 04/20/02 doc must ok Miller, Victor (NY046438) NJ 06/14/98 needs all medicals Mills, Alvesto (MI033845) NV 05/25/02 until 07/10/02 Mills, Kaska (NY060695) NY 07/28/01 indefinite Minard, Brent (IN057594) PA 03/29/01 indefinite/call PA Mincy, Richard (00000000) IL/IN/OH indefinite Minion, Darniel (00000000) MI 03/18/02 indefinite Minter, Derrick (PA034121) PA 03/24/01 needs stress test/ must see PA Commission Minus, Ray (00000000) NJ 03/31/01 needs neuro Mistretta, Steve (00000000) PA 11/11/94 indefinite/retired by PA Mitchell, Byron (Fl019482) NY 09/29/01 needs catscan Mitchell, Dan (PA057973) NY 04/05/02 indefinite Mitchell, Frank (00000000) CT needs complete eye exam Mitchell, George (00000000) NY indefinite Mitchell, Mike (IN016642) IN 01/29/02 needs updated HIV Mitchum, Billy (SC011238) VA 05/29/02 30 days/must renew ID card or until renew Fed ID card Mittleman, Robert (agent) MEX 06/11/99 indefinite Miyazaki, Kyoko (00000000) NV needs neuro Mobley, Henry (IL004404) MO 07/07/98 indefinite Modine, Bill (00000000) MAN indefinite Mojica, Hector (FL036108) MAC 11/03/01 needs neuro clearence Moka, Mohamed (00000000) ONT 10/12/01 indefinite Molina, Fabian (00000000) CA retired by CA Molina, Oscar (C0060576) CO 04/20/01 indefinite Molnar, John (00000000) NJ 07/21/01 must x-ray right hand Momentum Ent (promoter) OR indefinite Momper, David (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Monaco, Dominick (NY017986) NJ 07/24/99 indefinite Monaco, Louis (NJ019033) CA 03/17/02 needs neuro Monge, Josue (NM058452) CO 07/11/01 must renew Fed ID card Monroe, Brian (00000000) MA 04/08/95 indefinite Monroe, Willie (NY012495) NJ 10/24/97 needs EEG Montalvo, Ervey (TX032153) TX 08/21/99 indefinite/needs MRI Montalvo, Jessie (00000000) PR 06/22/01 needs EEG by neurologist Montero, Pedro (00000000) NJ indefinite Montes, Mauro (00000000) NV 09/13/91 needs neuro Monzote, Luis (00000000) FL banned/struck official Moore, Eugene (second) MA 02/27/98 indefinite Moore, Johnny (00000000) NV needs MRI or catscan & neurologist ok Moore, Richard (MS019673) MS 11/12/98 doc must ok Moore, Warren (00000000) MI 01/22/01 indefinite Mora, Miguel (00000000) CA 09/03/92 retired by CA Mora, Pablo (CA054657) NV 01/14/00 doc must ok pain in left ear Morales, Charles (NY060941) FA 05/25/02 60 days Morales, Isabel (PR051690) PR 12/19/98 needs EEG Morales, Jaime (TX055363) TX 06/14/02 24 days Moreno, Jorge (00000000) MONT 03/15/02 indefinite Morris, Karen (00000000) NY 01/26/00 indefinite Morris, Maurice (00000000) MA indefinite Morris, William (PA015178) PA 12/19/01 must see PA Commission Morrison, Tommy (00000000) NV indefinite Mosley, Larry (NV057324) CA 04/26/02 must renew Fed ID card Mosley, Randu (IN053975) MS 04/19/01 indefinite Mosley, Shane (CA012442) NY 01/26/02 must renew Fed ID card Mosley, Russell (CA011283) CA 09/06/11 needs neuro Mosquera, Hermogenes (00000000) PAN 06/27/97 needs complete medicals Mota, Cristino (CA037467) CA 08/20/99 retired by CA Moulton, Tracey (NE051788) NE 10/22/99 doc must ok left eye Mudd, Michael (KY012101) IN 03/03/00 indefinite Mudgett, Tim (OR043919) NE 08/06/98 needs EEG Mugabi, John (CT004505) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Muhammad, Abdullah(00000000) KY indefinite Muhammad, Ali (PA036665) MD 10/30/98 indefinite/must have catscan or brain MRI Muhammad, Jameel (OR041454) see Dale Grant Muhammad, Matthew (00000000) NJ indefinite Muhammad, Mujtabaa(00000000) NJ 01/27/01 needs catscan & neuro Muhammad, Mustapha(00000000) MD indefinite Muhammed, Rodrigues (MO046740) IL 08/17/01 needs updated HIV test Mujica, Julian (00000000) DF 01/24/98 needs new medicals Mulder, Frank see Frank Davis Mulgado, Jose (CA004824) NV 04/01/01 must renew Fed ID card Munguia, Jaime (TX025025) CA 01/22/98 retired by CA Muniz, Merle (CO018041) CO 04/10/01 must past catscan, eye exam & general physical exam Munoz, Alex (00000000) IA 08/23/01 no Fed ID card Munoz, Javier (TX020178) MAC 05/08/99 indefinite/needs neuro Munoz, Jorge (CA032218) CA 04/26/02 60 days/needs MRI & neuro Munoz, Reyes (PA021138) MP 08/14/99 indefinite Murillo, Miguel (CA055009) CA 06/26/99 retired by CA Muro, Jesus (second) CA 11/28/98 indefinite Murphy, Ken (IL028703) MAC 03/17/01 doc must ok Muse, James (PA052644) PA 03/19/99 needs eye exam Muzzey, Gail (CA058961) CA 10/13/01 doc must ok Myers-Moorhead, Denise (MI051762) NJ 06/30/98 needs all medicals Myers, Philip (promoter) FL indefinite Nall, David (00000000) FL must pay $1000 fine Nally, Sean (00000000) MA 02/25/95 indefinite Nanton, Rohan (NY050730) NY 05/15/01 indefinite Narvaez, Jose (PR012237) TX 07/08/00 must renew Fed ID card Nash, James (00000000) SC needs EEG Natal, Daniel (PR047995) PR 08/14/97 needs EEG, neuro Navarro, Carlos (NV044631) MS 06/22/02 30 days Navarro, Rocky (00000000) ID 11/04/00 must renew Fed ID card Nave, Paul (CA012001) CA 12/17/99 must renew Fed ID card Nazario, Eduardo (PR023037) PR 07/25/99 needs EEG Negron, Wilfredo (PR003498) CA 05/03/02 doc must ok right eye or 60 days Nelms, Lonzine (NV063842) CA 02/08/02 needs neuro Nelson, Conroy (00000000) ONT 12/01/97 indefinite Nelson, Jeff (second) FL 03/28/02 indefinite Nelson, Jonathan (OK055724) NV 02/22/02 doc must ok left hand or until 08/22/02 Nelson, Ricky (NY051641) NY 12/12/00 indefinite Nelson, Terrell (NJ041800) NJ 05/31/97 needs EEG Nelson, Willie (00000000) NY indefinite Nevitt, Mike (00000000) WI 02/16/02 needs Fed ID Card New Contenders (promoter) FL indefinite Newton, Frank (00000000) QUE indefinite Newton, Leroy (IN061287) OIN 06/07/02 45 days Newton, Timothy (MO056999) MO 01/26/00 license retired Newton, Victoria (00000000) FL 03/31/00 indefinite Nichols, Larry (00000000) FL indefinite/detached retina Nielsen, Michele (TX052947) TX 06/21/02 24 days Nieves, Antonio (MA049595) NJ 11/05/97 needs EEG Nieves, Maria (NY025267) NY 06/05/98 indefinite/medical Niles, Earl (NY029722) NJ 12/05/98 needs all medicals Nisbett, Kendrick (00000000) NY indefinite Noel, David (00000000) NY 03/14/01 indefinite Nolan, Jamar (MI063965) MI 06/21/02 60 days Nolasco, John (AZ054026) TX 05/31/02 must renew Fed ID card Norman, Don (MS047534) NC 05/25/02 60 days Norris, Orlin (CA015081) NV 06/16/00 must renew Fed ID card Norris, Terry (CA015115) NV 02/09/00 license denied Norton, Harold (MD046153) PR 05/29/99 needs EEG Norville, Dorman (NY059360) NY 03/02/01 indefinite Norwood, Rodney (GA019600) GA 08/17/00 needs neuro & catscan Nunez, Johnny (NJ049525) NJ 01/17/98 needs EEG Nunez, Juan (IN049354) IN 11/21/00 indefinite Nunez, Rogelio (00000000) NY indefinite Nwokolo, Charles (00000000) CA/WA retired by CA O'Burke, Heidi see Heidi Rhodes O'Connor, Kevin (VA053152) VA 08/27/99 needs catscan O'Donnell, Louise (00000000) NJ 07/29/00 needs neuro O'Malley, Martin (WA045896) WA 06/22/02 14 days O'Sullivan, Shawn (00000000) ONT indefinite Ocampo, Gerry (MA016963) MA 07/31/99 indefinite Ocasio, Angel (00000000) PR 02/23/02 needs EEG Ocasio, Antonio (00000000) MT indefinite Ocasio, Valentin (PR012452) PR 11/20/97 needs EEG Ochoa, Martin (00000000) JUA indefinite Odom, Kelvin (00000000) OK 12/09/01 must renew Fed ID card Odum, Kimmuel (IN014963) NC 09/09/99 indefinite/$500 fine Odum, Kimmuel (IN014963) NJ 10/13/99 $1000 fine Ojomoh, Joseph (CA048856) NV 05/08/98 doc must ok right hand Olds, Eric (OH040912) NV 06/21/02 until 08/21/02 Olivares, Ramon (00000000) MA indefinite Oliveira, Luis (00000000) PA/MA 10/25/95 indefinite Oliveira, Ray (MA028155) MP 08/10/01 doc must ok left right orbit Oliver, Kevin (00000000) IA 06/15/02 30 days Orlich, Kristine (CA051231) NV 05/15/98 doc must ok nose Orozco, Hector (PR019403) PR 08/28/98 needs ophthalmological exam & head x-ray Ortega, Agustin (00000000) PAN indefinite Ortega, Ray (PR021278) PR 11/06/97 needs EEG Ortiz, Elvis (NY047968) NY 09/15/98 indefinite Ortiz, Genaro (PR053027) PR 03/27/99 needs EEG Ortiz, Javier (00000000) CA 08/12/00 must renew Fed ID card Ortiz, Javier (PR043220) MTC 04/27/02 90 days Ortiz, Luis (00000000) PR needs EEG, neuro Ortiz, Luis (PR048097) PR 12/17/97 RED FLAG/call PR Comm Ortiz, Miguel (CT041528) CT 11/26/97 indefinite pending new EEG Ortiz, Nelson (00000000) NY indefinite Ortiz, Pedro (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Ortiz, Robert (00000000) NJ indefinite Ortiz, Robert (AZ007164) AZ 09/15/98 RED FLAG/call AZ Comm Ortiz, Robert (AZ007164) AZ 08/19/01 pending hearing Ortiz, Roberto see Roberto Delgado Ottah, Chuma (00000000) NY indefinite Ouma, Kassim (FL052033) PA 05/20/02 must renew Fed ID card Outlaw, Sidney (PA047603) PA 03/19/99 doc must ok nose Overton, Troy (00000000) MN needs EEG Oviedo, Sandro (CA026596) HI 05/17/02 60 days Owens, Leroy (NV009704) CA 09/12/98 retired by CA Owusu, Stephon (NY051921) NY 06/13/01 indefinite Pabon, Juan (00000000) PR 05/20/01 needs ophthalmological exam Pacheco, Omar (00000000) CA retired by CA Packer, Guy (00000000) MI 01/22/01 indefinite Packer, Guy (00000000) MI 06/15/01 indefinite Padilla, Vidal (00000000) PR needs EEG, neuro & ophthalogical evaluation Padilla, Zack (00000000) CA retired by CA Pagan, Robert (00000000) NY indefinite Page, Greg (KY005124) KY 03/09/01 doc must ok Page, Louis (CA061929) CA 06/22/01 do not license Page, Sheridan (MO058459) MO 06/21/02 30 days Paige, Curt (FL044670) FL 03/08/02 needs catscan Painter, Sherrie (GA048957) NC 11/13/98 needs neuro Palacios, Rosember(FL017247) IL 11/21/01 must renew Fed ID card Palmertree, Ricky (AR057775) OK 01/12/01 must renew Fed ID card Pandy, Arlington (NY063272) NY 06/21/02 60 days Paneto, Jaime (00000000) NY indefinite Pantaleon, Jose (NY023422) MP 05/26/00 needs neurological ok Paolino, Philip (00000000) NY indefinite Papa, Rick (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan, pyschometric evaluation Papillion, Jason (LA036625) PA 05/10/02 doc must ok right shoulder Pappalardo, Carl (00000000) RI 05/24/02 70 days Paramo, Ray (CA049656) CA 06/09/00 retired by CA Parfait, Ernest (LA009285) CO 03/29/02 90 days/needs neuro Parker, Chrystal (AR057512) CA 10/12/01 indefinite Parker, JB (NC036155) SC 03/28/02 needs MRI on left shoulder Parker, John (CA017952) CA 10/22/98 retired by CA Parker, Nick (00000000) PA/MI/MD indefinite/retired by PA Parkington, Rick (00000000) MA 03/17/95 indefinite Parks, Fred (00000000) NV 09/26/97 doc must ok dislocated right shoulder Parks, Kerry (FL012922) MAC 05/18/02 doc must ok Parks, Larry (NJ053792) MD 05/09/02 60 days Parra, Juan (CA025873) CA 10/12/99 indefinite Parra, Michael (NM052404) AZ 09/05/98 AZ Comm must ok proficiency Partch, James (OR049366) WA 06/22/02 60 days Parvin, Billy (CA057887) CA 05/30/02 45 days Patterson, Donald (00000000) NY needs eye exam Paulus, Christina (OH054669) PA 11/19/99 $100 Fine/negative drug test to PA comm Payne, Douglas (NJ042490) NJ 01/21/98 must pay $500 fine Payne, Ken (00000000) NJ 05/01/97 needs EEG Paz, Victor (CA025131) ONT 04/06/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Peacock, Thomas (CT046267) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Pearson, Anthony (second) MO 04/03/97 indefinite Pedraza, Edgard (NV049050) NV 06/22/02 until 08/07/02 Pedro, Rafael (LA055358) MS 06/22/02 12 days Pedroza, Abel (00000000) NJ 04/20/01 needs neuro Pedroza, Moises (OK029154) ONT 09/23/00 indefinite/needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Peete, Gerome (manager) FL/MO/TN banned Pegues, Jeff (OH035849) SCT 06/08/02 30 days Pembleton, Lonzie (WI047481) MO 03/08/01 retired by MO Pembleton, Lonzie (WI047481) IA 06/07/02 30 days Pena, Pablo (00000000) TX 06/14/02 24 days Pena, Pedro (CA046211) CA 03/29/01 needs neuro Penalosa, Gerry (CA025062) CA 05/24/02 doc must ok forehead or 60 days Pendarvis, Douglas(promoter) IL 04/20/02 license on hold Pendergrass, Artis(FL015318) WA 05/06/99 indefinite Penelton, Craig (WI054035) IL 01/26/01 needs EEG & EKG Penelton, Marquette (WI057917) IN 05/21/02 60 days Pentorn, Elex (00000000) OH indefinite Pep, Tony (00000000) EDM 11/30/01 must pay $2000 fine Peppino, Silvio (00000000) ARG 09/29/99 indefinite Peralta, Francisco(00000000) CA retired by CA Perdue, Wayne (00000000) PA must pay $50 fine Perez, Arnaldo (PR033085) PR needs EEG Perez, Boyd (NJ000260) PA 03/27/00 indefinite Perez, Douglas (00000000) COL 04/19/98 indefinite/brain operation Perez, Gabriel (WI061502) IL 02/01/02 needs complete physical Perez, Jose (CA054260) NV 06/01/02 until 07/17/02 Perez, Luis (PR026910) PR 05/23/98 needs EEG Perez, Luis (CA051277) CA 11/20/98 retired by CA Perez, Luis (00000000) IN 03/18/01 must renew fed ID card Perez, Marco (NV047382) NV 05/17/02 doc must x-ray & ok right ankle or until 11/17/02 Perez, Manuel (second) FL 06/11/01 permanent Perez, Miguel (00000000) CT indefinite Perez, Nelson (PR033086) PR 09/19/98 needs EEG Perez, Ramon (PR043611) PR 09/27/97 needs EEG Perez, Ramon (PR050722) PR 07/01/00 needs EEG & neurological evaluation Perez, Ruben (TX021217) TX 06/06/02 24 days Perez, Rogelio (00000000) NV indefinite Perkins, Michael (00000000) FL indefinite/abnormal MRI Perrier, Ron (OH060323) IN 01/29/02 need updated HIV Perry, Anthony (00000000) NJ 09/15/00 all medicals required Perry, David (00000000) FL indefinite/retinal damage Perry, Maurice (VA064583) PA 05/24/02 45 days Perry, Russell (PA011221) NJ 09/25/97 must pay $500 fine Perry, Trib (00000000) VA indefinite Pesente, Carley (CT053011) WA 06/22/02 30 days Pestriaev, Andrei (CT035953) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Peters, Albert (WI055433) WI 05/19/00 needs EEG or catscan Peterson, Schlonzo(00000000) NY doc must clear shoulder Pettiford, Ken (NJ043697) NJ 09/19/97 needs EEG Pettis, Samuel (OH048287) FL $25 fine & ENT must ok Pettway, Vincent (MD009151) MD 08/31/01 indefinite/needs catscan/ neurologist must ok/call MD Phetsamone, Joy (00000000) TN indefinite Phillips, John (MS039429) MS 06/07/02 30 days Philson, Derrick (DC040386) NJ 09/01/97 needs EEG Pickler, Michael (promoter) NC 07/22/99 indefinite Pierce, Chris (00000000) PA indefinite/failed medicals Pierini, Joao ( NV 06/22/02 until 08/22/02//doc must ok left shoulder or 12/22/02 Pierre, Jules (00000000) CT 06/29/97 needs neuro Pinckney, Daryl (FL019025) FL 01/23/00 doc must ok right hand Piri, Jose (AZ047266) AZ 03/26/98 doc must ok nose Pisciotta, Mike (NE004528) MN 07/31/98 needs EEG Pizarro, Esteban (PR005050) CA 05/19/00 must renew Fed ID card in PR Placentia, Patrick(OR061878) ID 01/11/02 indefinite Pliner, Scott (WI021045) WI 02/16/02 needs eeg or catscan Po'uha, Samson (00000000) NV 06/18/02 indefinite Podolak, Eric (00000000) IL indefinite Poe, James (00000000) MI must pay fine Poeder, Don (NY003261) MP 01/29/99 indefinite/needs EEG & neuro Polanco, Francisco(00000000) PR 03/23/02 needs EEG Poletti, Ryan (PA041332) PA 09/12/98 doc must ok left eye Pollard, Tim (NY056743) MTC 10/07/00 needs neuro clearance Polley, Byron (MO009409) NV 05/25/02 until 07/10/02 Polojac, Robert (OH046405) MI 05/17/00 indefinite/must pay $250 Pompey, Kevin (NY017365) NJ 08/07/99 needs catscan Ponce, Oscar (00000000) FL must pay $3000 fine Poole, Isaac (FL020371) FL 01/19/00 indefinite Poole, Lorenzo (MA036514) MA 06/05/98 indefinite Pope, Dwayne (NV062531) NV 12/28/01 needs catscan Pope, Tony (VA002486) NJ 11/24/00 needs neuro Popoca, Javier (00000000) PR 08/18/01 needs EEG Porras Jr, Arthur (00000000) NV needs neuro & ophthal exams Porter, Ike (MO014038) MI 06/21/02 30 days Porter, James (IN059252) IL 05/30/02 45 days Porter, KP (00000000) WI needs EEG, catscan Porter, Terry (AR017719) OK 05/24/02 until 07/15/02 Pouli, Lupe (HI056187) HI/ABC03/28/00 must renew Fed ID card from CA Power Promotions see Andy Zulewski Power Punch Promotions see James Fulton Pratt, Quincy (PR020908) PA 12/08/01 must renew Fed ID card Price, Desmond (00000000) NY indefinite Price, Donta (IN050368) MO 05/12/98 indefinite Price, Leroy (00000000) NJ 03/23/02 retired by NJ Price, Rodney (00000000) NY 10/02/00 indefinite Pritchard, James (KY013226) NJ 11/29/97 retired Pryor, Aaron (00000000) NY indefinite Puente, Felipe (TX065014) TX 06/14/02 24 days Pudwill, Kane (ND042474) IA 06/16/02 30 days Puga, Alejandro (00000000) CA 11/28/98 indefinite Pugh, Larry (00000000) NJ 04/26/97 needs all new medicals Pucci, Omar (OH041122) NY 10/09/01 indefinite Pulley, Donald (VA029849) VA 08/27/99 neuro & catscan must be submitted to Dr.Juan Rivas Puni, Ioane (00000000) CA 10/27/00 indefinite Quezada, Manuel (kick-box) NV 05/03/02 doc must ok left knee or until 11/03/02 Quiles, Richard (NY012348) NY 07/28/00 indefinite Quinn, Mark (CA045592) CA 04/09/98 retired by CA Quinones, Rashan (00000000) NJ 02/18/98 $500 fine Quintana, Juan (MA005737) RI indefinite Quintana, Miguel (PR062470) NY 03/13/02 indefinite Quiri, Hector (MA040984) MA 03/27/98 indefinite Quiroz, Eulalio (00000000) MON 06/25/99 indefinite Rabanales, Bruno (00000000) JUA 02/27/98 needs medicals/EEG Rabanales, Bruno (CA015534) CA 08/07/01 retired by CA Rabanales, Victor (00000000) FL 03/30/01 indefinite Radoncik, Izet (00000000) NY indefinite Raees, Majid (CA061468) CA 04/19/02 doc must ok nose or 180 days Rafalsky, Alex (FL049066) NJ 09/06/97 needs EEG Raglin, Robert (IN020985) KY 05/24/99 indefinite Rahman, Abdulla (TX037782) see Robert Breland Rahman, Hasim (00000000) NJ 06/01/02 30 days/needs neuro & ophthalmological exam must renew Fed ID card Ramage, Everard (NY060721) MTC 12/14/01 needs catscan & neuro Ramirez, Antonio (CO015742) AZ 05/06/01 doc must ok left eye Ramirez, Carlos (00000000) TAM 06/02/98 indefinite Ramirez, Hugo (TX057312) TX 06/14/02 30 days Ramirez, Martin (AZ039194) NV 06/21/02 until 08/06/02 Ramirez, Roberto ( NV 05/17/02 doc must ok left ear or until 07/02/02 Ramon, Jose (00000000) PR 12/22/01 indefinite Ramos, Alfonso (PR038363) PR 02/26/98 needs EEG Ramos, Jose (00000000) PR 02/17/01 needs EEG Ramos, Ruben (agent ) MEX 06/11/99 indefinite Randle, Beshear (CO053987) CO 05/20/01 orthopedic surgeon must ok right shoulder Randolph, George (00000000) MT 05/07/92 indefinite Randolph, Glenn (00000000) PA 06/30/93 indefinite Rapley, Damien (00000000) TN 10/02/01 one year Rasa, Francisco (00000000) ONT 06/27/00 needs EEG,catscan & pyschometric evaluation Rashawans, Anthony(IN010738) IL 02/04/00 must renew Fed ID card Rashawans, Anthony(IN010738) MI 10/19/00 $1000 fine Rastorfer, Bill (MO064914) MO 05/24/02 60 days Raulerson, Kim (MO054308) OK 08/04/01 indefinite Ray, Rico (NC051929) LA 05/31/02 30 days Ray, Tim (KY046067) OH 06/01/02 30 days Raya, Richard (00000000) HI 02/11/02 indefinite Rayon, Armando (agent) MEX 06/11/99 indefinite Reed, Marcell (OH042513) WV 12/03/98 needs physical Reed, Rasheed (00000000) PA 12/09/93 permanent/falsified ID Reeves, Tom (OH049501) NJ 11/05/97 needs all medicals Reid, Adrian (GA019913) GA 12/04/99 permanent/call GA Comm Reid, Ray (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan, neuro Reid, Teddy (MD011475) IL 01/25/02 must renew Fed ID card Reid, William (00000000) MD/NJ indefinite Releford, Kenneth (00000000) TX 01/08/90 needs neuro, MRI Render, Curtis (GA051070) GA 04/27/02 doc must ok left hand contact GA Commission Renteria, Agustine(AZ034293) CA 07/31/99 retired by CA Respress, Karriem (MI061796) MI 01/26/02 needs skull x-ray Revere, Reggie (OH009240) NY 09/17/99 indefinite Revolution Productions see Scott Haded Reyes, Acuna (00000000) NY indefinite Reyes, Adan (00000000) ONT 04/04/01 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Reyes, Alberto (PA012222) PA 03/13/98 doc must ok right shoulder Reyes, Fidencio (TX061541) TX 05/03/02 60 days Reyes, German (00000000) MON 07/26/01 doc must ok cuts Reyes, Jorge (NM035724) TX 10/04/01 indefinite Reyes, Karlin (00000000) NY indefinite Reyes, Paul (IN061263) IL 06/21/02 must provide HIV test Reyes, Shamir (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months/needs EEG Reynolds, Gary (00000000) NS indefinite Reynolds, Zennie (MO037740) MO 05/19/98 indefinite Rhodes, Frank (00000000) PA 03/12/96 indefinite/needs medicals/ on prescription drugs Rhodes, Heidi (NY049361) NJ 06/30/98 needs EEG Ribalta, Jose (00000000) IN 06/03/99 ophthalmologist must ok Ribalta, Jose (00000000) ABC 10/21/99 must present Fed ID card Ricci, Michael (OH064922) OH 06/01/02 60 days/needs complete physical Rice, Joe (IN019917) WI 04/13/00 needs EEG or catscan Rice, Ricky (00000000) NV needs neuro Rice, Robert (CO058794) CO 08/03/01 doc must ok hands Rice, Tony (00000000) ONT 06/22/01 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Rich, Roland (00000000) NY indefinite Richards, Tyrone (MS058760) MS 06/22/02 12 days Richardson, Ed (00000000) FL must pay $600 fine Richardson, Eddie (TX005677) TX 10/04/91 indefinite Richardson, Eddie (TX005677) TX 03/30/00 must renew Fed ID card Richardson, Gary (LA009854) NY 09/28/00 needs catscan Richardson, Randall (00000000) MI must pay $250 fine Richardson, Travis(PA034025) PA 03/15/01 indefinite Rideshorse, Tyrone(00000000) MT indefinite Riegler, Stefan (00000000) GER 06/01/02 until 09/01/02 Rios, Alex (TX030573) TX 06/21/02 24 days Rios, Carlos (NV001434) ONT 09/23/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Rios, Genaro (00000000) NJ 06/13/98 needs EEG Risoy, Helga (NV015280) NJ 10/24/97 needs EEG Ritchie, Del (WI014893) WI 05/19/00 needs EEG or catscan Rites, Moe (MD046155) MD 05/26/98 doc must x-ray & ok right hand Rivera, Alex (00000000) MA 02/25/95 indefinite Rivera, Angel (00000000) PR 06/22/01 needs EEG Rivera, Carlos (00000000) PR 11/11/00 needs electrocardiogram Rivera, Chris (00000000) IA 06/07/02 30 days Rivera, Efrain (00000000) MA 03/14/95 indefinite Rivera, Gabriel (PR052572) PR 09/19/98 needs EEG Rivera, Johnny (00000000) PR 05/11/02 6 weeks Rivera, Jose (00000000) MA 04/06/95 indefinite Rivera, Luis (PR052081) NV 01/06/01 must renew Fed ID card Rivera, Miguel (PR049272) PR 04/30/98 needs EEG Rivera, Miguel (PR049272) FL 08/13/98 must pay $50 fine Rivera, Oscar (PR011902) FL 10/19/01 must renew Fed ID card Rivera, Raymond (00000000) NJ 04/12/02 orthopedic doc must ok right ankle Rivera, Wilfredo (PR019240) TX 05/31/02 30 days Rivers, John (OH064136) OH 06/01/02 180 days/needs catscan Rizo, Danny (CA035500) CA 01/07/00 exam required by ophthalmologist Roberts, Dennis (00000000) FL 06/06/98 must pay $1200 fine Roberts, Rhon (VA049135) NV 05/18/02 until 07/03/02 Robertson, Cheryl (00000000) NJ 03/21/98 needs EEG Robertson, Marquita (WI058906) IL 05/17/01 needs HIV test Robinson, Arthur (00000000) MAN indefinite Robinson, Christine (SC049462) OIN 03/02/01 needs neuro Robinson, Ivan (PA027772) NV 07/06/01 doc must ok right shoulder Robinson, Mario (FL051712) FL 06/02/98 check skill level with FL Robinson, Mike (NY018798) NJ 09/22/99 needs neuro Robinson, Robbie (OK011610) MO 05/09/02 doc must ok right hand Robinson, Timothy (MO064265) NV 06/07/02 until 08/07/02 Robles, Manuel (FL037630) TAM 06/02/98 indefinite Robles, Manuel (second) CA 11/20/00 indefinite Robleto, Gustavo (FL056468) FL 07/28/01 must contact FL Rocha, Carlos (FL023546) NJ 10/26/01 needs physical Rocha, Joshua (00000000) CT 06/15/97 needs catscan Roddy, Derrick (TX014704) NV 06/07/99 indefinite Rodrigues, Lee (PA011346) PA 12/11/97 permanent/retired by PA Rodrigues, Marcos (NJ011521) PA 06/15/02 90 days Rodriguez, Abimael(PR053370) PR 12/19/98 needs EEG & ENT Rodriguez, Alexis (PR054337) PR 04/15/99 doc must ok chin Rodriguez, Arturo (NV048243) CA 02/22/02 doc must ok or 180 days Rodriguez, Edwin (PR033487) PR 05/23/98 needs EEG Rodriguez, Edwin (NY007880) NY 04/23/99 indefinite Rodriguez, Evelyn (NY052056) NJ 07/31/98 needs EEG Rodriguez, Evelyn (NY052056) NY 04/23/02 indefinite Rodriguez, Javier (PR018648) PR 09/19/98 needs EEG Rodriguez, Jesse (TX065185) TX 06/21/02 12 days Rodriguez, Jesus (NV034298) MD 02/05/99 needs neuro & MRI Rodriguez, Jose (00000000) PR 04/27/01 needs EEG & neuro Rodriguez, Jose (00000000) PR 08/18/01 needs EEG & neuro Rodriguez, Juan (NY064723) PA 05/10/02 90 days/needs catscan Rodriguez, Luis (PR033088) MP 07/29/99 needs neuro Rodriguez, Marcelo(00000000) MON 04/30/98 indefinite/retirement must renew Fed ID card Rodriguez, Mauricio (TX018263) TX 04/25/02 1 year/indefinite Rodriguez, Miguel (00000000) PR needs EEG, neuro Rodriguez, Nelson (IN035445) IN 11/24/01 indefinite Rodriguez, Oscar (promoter) PA must pay $500 fine Rodriguez, Osvaldo(00000000) NLCP 05/31/02 doc must ok wound Rodriguez, Rafael (00000000) NJ 03/23/02 needs neuro Rodriguez, Rafael (00000000) NJ 04/26/02 90 days Rodriguez, Victor (TX034813) TX 08/16/01 indefinite/neurologist must ok Rogers, Colin (OH054202) OIN 03/03/00 needs catscan & neuro Rogers, Michael ( NV 05/17/02 doc must ok left eye or until 07/17/02 Rojas, Jesus Kiki (00000000) FL 06/09/98 must pay $2000 fine Rolon, Miguel (00000000) PR 04/19/01 needs jaw x-ray Rolon, Miguel (00000000) MAC 08/11/01 indefinite Roman, Leobardo (NV042448) CA 06/24/02 45 days Romero, Juan (00000000) NY indefinite Romero, Valentin (00000000) DF 01/20/01 indefinite Rosa, Inocencio (second) FL 02/18/98 must pay $50 fine Rosario, Hector (NY007309) FL 05/20/00 must renew Fed ID card Rosario, Joseph (PR047909) PR 11/11/98 needs EEG, neuro, catscan,ophthalmological exam Rosario, Luis (00000000) NY/CT indefinite Rosas, Rocky (NJ011748) NJ 08/14/99 needs catscan Rose, Anthony (NY033283) MP 09/03/98 indefinite/hypertension Rose, Mitchell (NY032474) NJ 12/12/98 needs catscan Rose, Stephen (00000000) ONT 09/23/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Rosenberg, Jerry (CA007848) WA 03/18/96 indefinite Ross, Keith (NC048719) TN 03/25/00 must renew Fed ID card Ross, Patricia (CA058269) CA 08/17/00 doc must ok nose Ross, Shawn (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan, pyschometric evaluation Rothberger, Mike (NY058083) NY 04/01/01 indefinite Roufus, Rick (kick-box) NV 05/03/02 until 07/03/02 Rouse, Leon (MA011966) MP 04/09/98 indefinite Rouse, Mike (00000000) NJ 04/28/01 needs x-ray left leg Rouse, Mike (00000000) NJ 09/22/01 needs catscan & neuro Rousseau, Alain (00000000) CA retired by CA Royall, Richard (SC012307) NJ 10/06/95 needs all new medicals Rozier, Leon (00000000) KY indefinite Rubin, Clifton (TX062447) TX 06/04/02 30 days Rubio, Juan (00000000) NJ 10/06/00 needs EKG, catscan & neuro Rucker, Danny (CA057187) CA 03/23/00 retired by CA Ruiz, Luis (NY056149) NY 11/08/01 needs MRI Ruiz, Wilfrido (FL016158) IL 01/25/02 must renew Fed ID card Rumbolz, Bruce (IL011759) TX 01/05/02 indefinite Rush, Mark (IN053640) IN 09/19/99 indefinite Rush, Michael (FL015063) STC 05/31/02 30 days Russell, Benjamin (OH052599) NJ 03/04/00 indefinite/NJ must ok Russell, Nathan (00000000) MI 06/15/01 indefinite Russell, Terrence (OH053161) NJ 12/15/98 needs catscan Russell, Tracy (IL051293) IL 06/26/98 needs EEG/EKG/ complete physical Saengchan, Saeksan(00000000) CA medical retirement Saenz, Eddy (00000000) FL 05/03/01 indefinite Safford, Ken (00000000) FL 06/06/98 must pay $50 fine Sakkreerin, Fahlan(NV023437) NY 09/29/01 needs MRI, neuro Sala, Scott (OH015846) IN 09/29/01 doc must ok shoulder Saladin, Tony (NJ011055) NJ 01/30/98 permanent Salamone, Melissa (FL049089) TX 06/21/02 30 days Salas, Victor (00000000) CA 03/31/00 indefinite Salava, James (NJ044427) NJ 10/03/97 needs EEG Salazar, Martha (CA050822) WA 06/22/02 7 days Salcedo, Luis (00000000) PAN 11/03/96 needs complete medicals Sales, Scott (MT042537) WA 05/11/02 60 days Salgado, David (NY049206) NY 07/26/01 indefinite Sallee, Dan (00000000) MT needs EEG Salome, Rocky (00000000) MD needs complete neuro, MRI & EEG Salud, Jesus (CA008257) OK 04/27/02 must renew Fed ID card Salvatore, Vittorio (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan & pyschometric evaluation Samaha, Julian (CA015882) CA 05/12/00 retired by CA Samaniego, Santiago (FL006244) TX 01/21/01 indefinite Samaniego, Santiago (FL006244) CA 12/07/01 must renew Fed ID card Sampson, Troy (NY061620) NY 06/05/01 indefinite Sams, Michael (WA060278) WA 06/22/02 7 days Samudio, Luis (CA040428) PR 06/05/98 needs EEG & electrocardio- vascular evaluation Sanabria, Jeanette(OH058259) ONT 06/27/00 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Sanchez, Alfonso (CA035371) NJ 03/14/98 needs all medicals Sanchez, Ali (FL018138) CA 06/13/02 45 days Sanchez, Augustine(NV043505) CA 12/07/01 needs neuro Sanchez, Domingo (00000000) CA retired by CA Sanchez, Enrique (CA031273) NV 09/08/01 doc must x-ray & ok nose Sanchez, Isael (CA062469) CA 04/25/02 doc must ok nose or 180 days Sanchez, Jose (00000000) MA 02/25/95 indefinite must renew Fed ID card Sanchez, Julian (CA063915) CA 04/26/02 doc must ok both hands & right eye or 180 days Sanchez, Julio (00000000) PR 04/19/01 ophthalmologist must ok Sanchez, Justo (UT050416) NV 06/21/02 ophthalmologist must ok Sanchez, Leonides (FL052215) MAC 02/27/99 needs medical clearance Sanchez, Tanya (NM062921) CO 10/12/01 call CO Commission Sande, Chris (CA022251) CA 07/11/98 retired by CA Sandoval, Raul (GA052598) GA 06/04/02 60 days Santana, Miguel (PR006304) PR 03/26/98 needs EEG Santiago, Danny (00000000) PR 05/11/02 2 months Santiago, Elliott (00000000) NY indefinite Santistivan, Carlos (NE009182) NE 09/12/98 needs MRI & doc ok Santos, Ahmed (00000000) PR 08/26/01 needs EEG & neuro Santos, Martin (00000000) FL indefinite/needs catscan Santos, Wilson (PA010331) PA 12/14/01 needs catscan Sanza, Anthony (CA060437) CA 04/19/02 cardiologist must ok Sasakul, Chatchai (CA033777) CA 04/15/00 medical retirement Saulnair, James (CO023469) CO 05/19/02 60 days/doc must ok left hand Savarese, Lou (NY021109) MP 11/02/01 doc must ok right hand Savoie, Ron (00000000) MONC 08/29/98 needs brain MRI Schiesser, Mario (00000000) GER 12/19/01 until 12/08/02 Schroeder, Brent (00000000) ONT 04/16/99 needs EEG, catscan & psychometric evaluation Scichilone, Roberto (00000000) MONC 08/12/99 indefinite/needs medicals Scobey, Kent (00000000) MI needs neuro Scott, Clifton (00000000) PR 06/21/97 needs EEG Seales, Pepper (AZ002917) NM 03/12/98 doc must ok left shoulder Seals, Michael (00000000) TN indefinite Sedam, Kevin (IN011117) MO 04/02/98 needs catscan Segura, Eddie (00000000) AZ indefinite Senquiz, Margaro (NY052961) OH 05/24/02 needs medical exam Serr, Mike (ND020721) ND 07/24/99 indefinite Shabazz, Kaleem (NJ049557) PA 06/12/98 doc must ok jaw Shaida, Mary (CA049070) NY 03/25/98 indefinite Shaida, Mary (CA049070) NJ 05/24/98 needs EEG Shakir, Calvin (GA054997) NC 09/02/00 indefinite/$500 fine Shavers, Donald (OH049293) MO 12/02/99 license retired Shavers, Leon (OH017386) IN 09/19/99 indefinite/needs EEG Shaw, Anthony (DC017728) NJ 04/17/99 needs catscan Sheika, Omar (NJ047331) PA 10/05/01 doc must ok right eye Shelton, Gerald (MN019934) IL 01/21/00 indefinite Sheppard, Danny (00000000) CA retired by CA Sheppard, Darrick (CT020207) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Sherard, Andre (WI057130) MO 07/28/00 retired by MO Sheridan, Tyrone (NE050676) MO 12/06/01 needs catscan & physical Sherrod, Andre (WV001662) PA 06/23/01 needs all medicals Shockley, Aaron (PA026460) PA 07/25/98 retired by commission Shoffner, Heather (IN053230) IN 02/10/01 indefinite Siaca, Manuel (PR047687) NY 09/29/01 indefinite Silva, Guillermo (00000000) CA 11/27/01 must pay $500 fine Simmons, Mark (NY028492) NY 10/30/97 indefinite Simmons, Nedrick (00000000) ONT/MONC indefinite Simms, Michael (00000000) CA 04/19/02 indefinite Simoes, Mario (00000000) NJ 05/06/97 needs all medicals Simpson, Roy (NC021165) NC 06/04/99 needs medicals Singleton, Trent (00000000) MI indefinite Sirls, Sharon (TX056253) UT 12/11/99 doc must ok Sisic, Zlatko (00000000) GER 05/26/02 until 08/26/02 Skipper, Roy (MS059187) MS 06/14/02 12 days Slaughter, Chris (00000000) NJ 02/22/97 needs EEG Slobloda, Michael (LA055273) AZ 06/15/01 doc must ok right hand Small, Tommy (WV014899) NY 06/12/98 indefinite Smith, Allan (IA007999) IN 06/01/02 60 days Smith, Allegra (CO064760) CO 05/11/02 60 days Smith, Antonio (MS045923) TX 10/17/01 indefinite Smith, Bruce (TN049456) FL 11/05/99 needs catscan Smith, Bryant (NY016302) NJ 03/17/00 indefinite/NJ must ok Smith, Calvin (NY045734) OIN 04/07/00 needs complete neuro Smith, David (SC055119) VA 08/03/01 needs neurological exam Smith, Dwayne (promoter) OH indefinite Smith, Dwayne (IN025629) KY 02/22/99 doc must ok shoulder Smith, Harold (promoter) CA indefinite Smith, James (00000000) FL needs catscan, complete neuro & doc ok to box Smith, Lester (00000000) MI must pay fine Smith, Luther (MD048623) IL 02/10/02 must renew Fed ID card Smith, Marcos (00000000) PAN 06/15/96 needs complete medicals Smith, Marvin (NV037263) NY 01/26/02 needs Brain-MRI Smith, Mike (IN014393) MO 07/07/98 indefinite Smith, Patrick (00000000) NV indefinite Smith, Richard (00000000) MA indefinite Smith, Scott (OR061919) OR 10/20/01 needs neuro Smith, Terry (MA047738) CA 10/07/00 indefinite Smith, Troy (PA018062) PA 09/06/96 must pay $100 fine Smith, Wesley (KY008427) KY 01/15/00 indefinite Sneed, Eldon (LA008233) TX 01/20/00 must renew Fed ID card Soberanes, Juan (TX015918) AZ 08/20/00 should be restricted to 6 rounds with opposition closely monitored/speech slurred/may need more medicals Soberanes, Juan (CA015918) CA 11/30/00 indefinite Soberanes, Juan (CA015918) MI 01/22/01 indefinite Solano, Nelson (PR012605) PR 03/26/99 needs EEG Somers, Martin (matchmaker)NY 08/10/01 indefinite Sonnenberg, Guy (FL010699) ID 11/04/99 RED FLAG/call ID Comm Soriano, Cesar (00000000) DF 07/21/99 indefinite/needs medicals Sosa, Heriberto (PR039446) PR 04/15/99 needs EEG & neuro Soto, Frankie (CA054887) CA 06/18/02 45 days Soto, Hugo (NV024775) NY 03/13/99 indefinite Soto, Mike (00000000) MA indefinite South, Christine (OK064169) AZ 03/21/02 call AZ Commission Spagnola/Sabatini (promoter) PA 05/20/02 failure to pay boxers Spain, Darryl (00000000) OH indefinite Spear, Charles (TX063153) TX 06/21/02 7 days Speight, Exum (OH014719) IL 06/15/01 needs EEG Spinks, Darrell (MO018884) IA 02/18/00 must renew Fed ID card Spivey, Edward (NJ048590) NJ 07/01/97 needs EEG Splendido, Joe (matchmaker)PA 03/29/01 indefinite Sponagle, Billie (00000000) Nova Scotia needs complete neuro St Pierre, Cabien (NV045332) NV 06/06/02 until 07/23/02 Stamatiou, Alex (NJ055894) NJ 10/06/99 needs catscan Stamps, Marnix (WI027617) WI 11/02/00 indefinite Stanciel, Chantel (MO044534) NY 03/15/02 needs MRI & neuro Starkey, Jackie (VA051903) NC 01/24/02 180 days Steffen, Faye (WI041980) ND 07/28/01 must renew Fed ID card Stephens, Jerry (LA015676) TX 02/15/01 indefinite/neurologist must ok Stevens, Mark (00000000) ONT/MI indefinite Stevenson, Joe (MI037983) OIN 03/19/99 needs catscan Stewart, Jason (OH044521) SC 04/12/01 indefinite Stewart, Jessie (TN048627) TN 08/26/97 must have doc ok Stewart, Laron (NE015099) MO 12/17/99 needs MRI Stewart, Leslie (NY005812) NY 05/15/01 indefinite Stewart, Nate (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan Stills, James (00000000) PA needs blood pressure check Stipnieks, Esteban(TX058210) TX 04/19/01 indefinite Stodden, Brock (WA046283) WA 11/03/01 indefinite Stokes, Dennis (00000000) VA indefinite Stokes, Donald (00000000) IL 07/05/97 broken left hand Stone, Adrian (NJ037188) NV 07/21/01 neurologist must ok after neurological exam Storey, Dean (00000000) MAN 02/15/02 oral surgeon must ok broken jaw Stowell, Robert (ID017046) ID 04/04/02 needs neuro doc must ok left eye Straub, Mark (manager) FL 10/25/89 must pay $500 fine Street, Kenneth (00000000) TN indefinite Strickland, Ed (OH023657) see Ed Carter Strickland, Reggie(IN016415) KY 06/22/02 must renew Fed ID card Strickland Jr., Jerry (00000000) IL/MO/MA indefinite Strittmatter, Kristy (OH049495) NJ 03/04/00 indefinite/NJ must ok Strohman, Lennell (00000000) FL/ABC indefinite/$50 fine Strong, Michael (00000000) FL needs catscan or MRI Suarez, Arcadio (00000000) MA 06/10/95 indefinite Suarez, Eloy (TX056509) TX 06/21/02 12 days Suarez, Juan (FL021475) MAC 02/16/00 needs medical clearence Sullivan, Bernard (NJ050310) NY 02/25/00 indefinite Summit, Curtis (IL009663) NJ 06/26/99 needs catscan Sutcliffe, Michele(00000000) NJ 05/24/98 needs EEG Sutten, Damion (MN048956) FL 01/27/01 indefinite Suyantayev, Marat (NY057619) NY 04/23/02 must pay $100 fine Swann, Patrick (TX033646) IA 07/20/00 must renew Fed ID card Swift, Dwayne (OK016664) OK 12/05/00 doc must x-ray & ok right hand & wrist Swindell, Yolanda (TX063826) TX 06/21/02 7 days Tabanas, Andy (HI026057) NY 04/14/01 needs catscan Tackett, Darren (00000000) MI must pay fine Tackett, Matthew (MS058805) MS 08/10/00 indefinite Tackie, Benjamin (CA039777) NV 05/18/02 until 07/03/02 Tafari, Ben (00000000) PA/IL/IN indefinite/1-35 record Tagoe, Napoleon (GA039776 ABC 12/03/01 indefinite Taione, Nelson (RI052772) MP 04/09/99 indefinite Takacs, Joseph (second) FL must pay $55 Talbert, James (NC044098) NJ 01/16/98 needs all new medicals Talife, Daniel (00000000) NC 09/24/99 indefinite/needs medicals Tanner, Leona (WV061851) OIN 06/07/02 90 days/needs catscan Tapia, Gustavo (CA011779) NV 03/18/02 must renew Fed ID card Tareh, Ali (FL056600) FL 03/23/02 doc must ok nose Tasefa, Toakipa (00000000) CA 08/21/01 indefinite Taylor, Charles (00000000) MD indefinite Taylor, Meldrick (PA010929) LA 05/31/02 indefinite Taylor, Robert (second) MA 12/16/97 indefinite Taylor, Robert (00000000) TN indefinite Taylor, Tiwon (00000000) MI 03/18/02 indefinite Taylor, Tonya (IA053705) TX 06/06/02 30 days Taylor, Tyrone (00000000) FL must pay $500 fine Teague, Todd (IN056256) IN 04/22/00 indefinite Tejada, Jesus (00000000) PR 07/25/97 needs neuro, brain MRI Terrazas, Genaro see Genaro Ibarra Terrell, Harry (OH017987) OH 03/03/01 needs neuro Tetteh, David (00000000) NY 04/27/01 indefinite Thelen, Patrick (IL052367) IL 08/22/98 needs complete physical Thiam, Mamadou (00000000) FL 07/22/00 needs eye exam Thomas, Britton (NJ047636) PA 04/13/02 must see PA Commission Thomas, Britton (NJ047636) NJ 04/26/02 indefinite Thomas, Britton (NJ047636) MTC 04/27/02 indefinite Thomas, Dave (PA014939) PA 12/17/99 indefinite Thomas, Fred (NV049521) CA 04/13/00 indefinite Thomas, Gregory (PA006755) ABC 09/27/00 needs catscan & eye exam Thomas, Ricky (00000000) NY/CT indefinite Thomas, Steven (00000000) ONT needs EEG, catscan, pyschometric evaluation Thomas, Wally (00000000) PA indefinite/failed physical Thomas, Wilbur (00000000) MD indefinite Thomas, Willie (MI048661) IN 09/09/00 must renew Fed ID card Thompson, Bradley (MS065866) MS 06/14/02 30 days Thompson, Frank (00000000) NY needs EEG & EKG Thompson, Johnny (AR048937) AR 08/16/97 doc must ok eye Thompson, Juan (00000000) NJ 06/29/01 needs neuro Thompson, Ruby (00000000) NJ 02/07/97 needs EEG Thompson, Sherry (MO053137) LA 04/26/00 must renew Fed ID card Thompson, Tyrone (VA049860) VA 05/18/01 indefinite Thompson, Vance (CA046393) IL 04/30/00 doc must ok Thompson, William (00000000) FL must pay $250 fine Thorson, Donald (kick-box) NV 05/03/02 until 07/03/02 Tiger, Young Dick see Charles Nwokolo Tilk, William (OK064524) LA 05/22/02 30 days Tillis, Ismail (OK027885) ID 04/01/98 needs EKG,EEG,MRI Tillman, Kevin (PA027036) NC 01/18/02 indefinite/$4000 fine Todd, Heath (MO035127) MO indefinite Tolbert, Barry (00000000) NV needs neuro Toney, Enroy (NY060699) NY 04/01/01 indefinite Toney, James (CA020230) STC 05/31/02 30 days Toolie, Robert (MS055580) TN 03/06/01 must renew Fed ID card Torres, Alfredo (00000000) AZ 03/24/96 indefinite Torres, Angelo (WA056050) WA 06/01/02 60 days Torres, Carlos (PR050724) PR 03/04/99 needs EEG & catscan Torres, Franchie (PR046407) PR 02/23/02 needs EEG Torres, Hector (CA022811) NV 10/22/00 must have MRI to rule out vascular malformation Torres, Joaquin (00000000) PR 08/18/01 needs EEG Torres, John (PR051051) PR 06/04/98 needs EEG, eye, nose & tonsil ENT Torres, Juan (CA031863) TX 07/14/01 indefinite/neurologist must ok Torres, Juan (00000000) PAN indefinite Torres, Juan (CA004638) NV 06/26/00 permanent/cerebral bleed Torres, Juan (CA004638) CA 06/29/00 retired by CA Torres, Manuel (00000000) MA 02/25/95 indefinite Torres, Peter (00000000) TX needs neuro, EEG Torres, Roberto (CA031518) NV 12/26/92 needs neuro Torres, Roberto (CA031518) CA 04/22/01 permanent Torres Jr, Alfredo(00000000) TX 03/15/01 indefinite Torreys, Kim (00000000) CA 05/10/02 license denied Toughill, Erin (CA058490) PA 06/04/02 45 days Townes, Jerry (00000000) MD indefinite Townsend, Leonard (IN011673) IL 05/20/00 must renew Fed ID card Travis, Robert (00000000) NY needs EKG Triano, Gary (NE048944) NE 04/01/00 doc must ok Tribble, Dominick (OH049634) MI 04/24/98 needs MRI & catscan Trimble, Jeff (00000000) FL must pay $1500 fine Trinidad, Felix (PR026286) NY 09/29/01 needs catscan Trinidad, Frankie (PR048335) PR 10/25/97 needs EEG, neuro Trinidad, Israel (00000000) DF 06/16/99 needs complete neuro Trujillo, Alex (PR046980) FL 02/03/01 indefinite/call PR Trumpett, Floyd (00000000) ONT 06/21/02 60 days Tucker, Don (NC045717) PA 01/18/00 must pay $100 fine & provide negative drug test to PA Commission Tucker, Michael (00000000) NJ 11/24/00 needs neuro, catscan Tucker, Tony (TN006706) NV 08/29/98 ophthalmologist must ok right eye Tudorache, Laura (00000000) GER 08/30/01 until 07/17/02 Turchiarelli, Lou (NY022204) PA 09/29/00 indefinite Turner, Andre (IN064921) IN 06/01/02 60 days Turner, David (00000000) NJ 09/20/96 needs EEG Turner, David (IN038204) FL 02/19/01 indefinite Turner, Lawrence (MS048487) LA 04/18/02 must renew Fed ID card Turner, Robert (00000000) MI indefinite Turner, Roger (IN021015) NJ 11/10/95 needs EEG Turner, Timothy (00000000) FL indefinite Turpin, Edgar (00000000) NY indefinite Turpin, Najal (PA062129) FL 01/29/02 must contact PA Commission Tynes, Paul see Paul Jones Tyson, Mike (NV011956) TN 06/08/02 60 days Ueding, Richard (TX053732) TX 06/04/02 18 days Ugalde, Luis (CA019177) CA 05/23/02 doc must ok left eye or 60 days Umarov, Asluddin (CA013089) AZ 04/09/98 indefinite/call AZ Urbina, Porfirio (CO063016) CO 05/11/02 60 days Urena, Arturo (00000000) CA 04/26/02 doc must ok right eye or 60 days/doc must ok right hand or 180 days Urias, Francisco (CA062204) CA 09/27/01 indefinite suspension Urkal, Oktay (NV045360) MTC 07/05/01 facial surgeon must ok Vaden, Paul (CA032038) NV 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Valadez, Jesus (TX029741) TX 06/14/02 18 days Valasquez, David (second) CA 03/26/02 indefinite/fine $2500 Valdes, Alfredo (00000000) PR 12/15/00 needs EEG Valdez, Eduardo (00000000) FL must pay $550 fine Valdez, Rafael (00000000) PAN indefinite Valdez, Steve (CO022806) ID 04/04/02 doc must ok right ankle Valenti, Al (promoter) MA 01/01/99 indefinite Valentin, John (FL015320) FL 01/25/02 must renew Fed ID card Valentine, Ernie (00000000) CA retired by CA Valenzuela, Alejandro (00000000) NV 02/22/90 indefinite Valenzuela,Enrique(CA036209) CA 11/29/01 retired by CA Vallecillo, Javier(00000000) FL permanent/abnormal MRI Valles, Nelson (NV062394) NV 04/26/02 until 06/26/02 Valley, Marsha (CA050428) TX 06/21/02 30 days Valverde, Jesus (NY017104) NY 06/21/02 indefinite Van Damme, Armin (00000000) CA retired by CA Van denheuvel, Mark (00000000) MI must pay $250 fine Van Kirk, Eddie (00000000) MD must pay $200 fine Van Leevwen, Matt (FL056148) FL 01/23/00 indefinite Van Reenan, Persephone (Bobby Van) (00000000) FL indefinite Varela, Jesse (AZ047337) MAC 09/25/99 doc must ok jaw Varela, Joe (AZ045359) TX 07/12/01 must renew Fed ID card Vargas, Angel (00000000) PR 03/23/02 needs EEG, catscan & neuro Vargas, Jose (00000000) PR 06/22/01 needs ophthalmological exam Vargas, Ricardo (NV031230) CA 04/07/02 doc must ok left eye & forehead or 90 days Vargas, Wilfredo (00000000) PR 03/23/02 ophthalmologist must ok Vasquez, Gabriel (TX058301) TX 05/31/02 24 days Vasquez, John (00000000) CA needs catscan/neuro Vaughan, Mike (VA012872) NC 03/08/00 indefinite Vazquez, Edgardo (CT040853) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Vazquez, Edwin (00000000) PR 08/25/00 needs EEG Vazquez, Eric (CA012485) TAM 06/02/98 indefinite Vazquez, Israel (CA008251) CA 05/17/02 doc must ok right hand or 180 days Vazquez, Luis (CA022396) CA 04/26/02 60 days Vazquez, Wilfredo (PR040249) PR 07/31/98 needs EEG, neuro Vega, Doug (00000000) MA 11/23/94 indefinite Vega, Jesus (CA044343) NV 09/05/00 must renew Fed ID card Vega, Juana (TX057674) TX 06/21/02 12 days Vega, Wilfredo (PR042903) PR 08/28/98 needs EEG Vela, Sergio (00000000) JUA indefinite Velazquez, Frank (00000000) NY needs EEG Velez, Ada (FL055507) TX 06/21/02 30 days Velez, Angel (PR039148) PR 07/31/98 doc must ok left elbow Velez, Barton (NY047301) NY 05/19/95 detailed neuro needed Velez, Carlos (PR012848) PR 02/17/01 needs ophthalmological exam Ventura, Eugenio (PR029122) PR 04/19/01 needs EEG, catscan & neuro exam Vera, Gilbert (TX063496) OK 12/14/01 doc must ok right eye Verde, Maikel (FL006393) FL 11/17/99 indefinite Vergara, Atahualpa(00000000) MON 03/17/00 doc must ok right hand Verrett, Samuel (LA057961) LA 05/24/00 doc must ok left eye Veskovic, Dan (MA065148) MA 06/21/02 30 days Vigil, Benji (00000000) NV needs catscan Vilchis, Jorge (00000000) CA retired by CA Villanueva, Juan (PR048098) PR 08/18/00 needs EEG Villanueva, Juan (TX063809) TX 04/19/02 indefinite Villanueva, Santos(00000000) 05/25/02 2 months/needs EEG & ENT must ok nose nose evaluation by ENT Villarreal, Edilberto COL indefinite Vinson, Rodney (IN050101) IN 11/23/99 indefinite Virgil, Marris (WI013167) IA 06/07/02 30 days Vizi, Martin (NY058953) NY 06/09/01 indefinite Voyles, Jamie (IN056566) IN 03/26/02 must see orthopedic surgeon Vuskovich, Joseph (00000000) TN 09/02/97 indefinite WAA (sanct body)ABC 04/04/01 indefinite/violation of Muhammad Ali Act Wade, Anthony (IN030842) NY 01/07/98 indefinite Wadena, Salem (MN056054) IL 03/23/01 indefinite Wahler, Brandon (MO063274) MO 11/07/01 indefinite Wainwright, Krishna (00000000) NV indefinite Walker, Frank (PA059447) FL 01/29/02 must contact PA Commisssion Walker, Johnny (NC053292) SC 04/25/02 needs head-catscan Walker, Julio (OH052018) IL 05/25/99 needs EEG,EKG & HIV tests Walker, Lyndon (00000000) MD doc must ok right eye, right hand Walker, Steven (CA064411) CA 04/27/02 doc must ok right metacarpal or 180 days Walker, Terry (00000000) MI must pay fine Walker, Tipton (IN056121) OK 05/24/02 until 06/23/02 & doc must ok left eye Walker, Todd (NJ047217) NJ 04/28/99 needs catscan Walton, James (OH045268) NV 06/07/02 until 07/08/02 Wang, Ruas ( NV 06/22/02 until 08/22/02 Ward, Eric (00000000) TN indefinite Ward, Michael (DC021827) MD 02/05/99 doc must x-ray & ok right hand Ward, Mickey (MA012609) MTC 05/18/02 90 days Wardlow, Michael (NC054894) FL 06/11/99 indefinite Ware, Bobby (NM055459) NM 08/14/99 doc must ok nose Ware, Lavern (WI047373) WI 06/03/00 needs EEG or catscan & new physical Warren, Brian (kick-box) NV 05/03/02 doc must ok nose or until 11/03/02 Warrick, Malcolm (00000000) DC 06/15/02 30 days Warrior, John (AR037576) MO 09/15/98 indefinite Washington, Adeniji (TX052242) TX 10/13/01 must renew Fed ID card Washington, David (NC048896) SCI 01/19/00 must renew Fed ID card Washington, John (second) CA 11/20/00 indefinite Washington, Ron (00000000) NY/NJ indefinite Washington, Theodis (MI051302) PA 08/28/98 high blood pressure Wasielewski, Robert (NJ048510) NY 07/23/96 indefinite Wassba, Hassan (NY052219) NY 06/21/02 45 days Waters, Josh (PA059234) PA 07/18/01 $100 fine/must submit negative drug test to PA Watford, Clifford (PA046092) PA 04/24/02 must pay $100 fine must provide negative drug test to PA Commission Watkins, Rick (promoter) TN 05/06/02 indefinite/must pay taxes Watson, Brian (MA034795) NY needs catscan, EEG, neuro Watson, Derek (00000000) NY indefinite Watterson, Horace (00000000) PA/MD indefinite/lost 16 of last 17 Way, Travis (IN047730) IL 05/20/00 must renew Fed ID card Wayne, Michael see Michael Pickler WBU (sanc body) ABC 04/04/01 indefinite/violation of Muhammad Ali Act Weathers, Ron (promoter) FL/MO/OR indefinite Weaver, Ron (LA039366) CA 05/16/02 doc must ok right wrist or 180 days Webb, James (TN061503) IN 04/26/02 must renew Fed ID card Welliver, Dumont (WA055625) CA 05/16/02 must renew Fed ID card Welliver, Rick (ID042292) ID 02/21/02 needs MRI & neuro Wells, Ron (NE004386) AZ 07/25/98 needs neuro Wenton, Richie (00000000) NJ 10/31/98 needs catscan Werlinger, Neil (ND059245) ND 09/22/00 indefinite/call ND Werns, Tracy (FL057465) FL 05/25/02 60 days West, Carlton (00000000) PA 12/06/96 indefinite/13 straight KOBY West, Robert (OH034677) OH 12/03/01 indefinite Westgeest, Fred (NY040756) NY 12/01/01 needs catscan Weston, Rodney (LA014843) MS 01/05/01 indefinite Wheeler, Gregory (promoter) PA 08/11/99 indefinite Whetstone, Steve (00000000) NJ needs EEG Whitaker, Pernell (VA010928) NV 04/27/01 orthopedic doc & NV must ok left shoulder White, Billie (NC054453) NC 04/25/01 indefinite White, Ed (TN045061) CO 03/29/02 90 days White, Undra (MO037775) NY 11/26/01 needs ENT clearance White, Willie (OH040240) IN 08/31/01 indefinite Wiggins, Donnell (TN055017) MS 06/22/02 18 days Wiggins, Robert (RI045159) GA 06/04/02 20 days Wiggins, Tyrone (TN055016) PA 03/03/02 must pay $100 fine/must provide negative drug test must renew Fed ID card Wiggins, Walter (TN025077) TN 03/05/02 indefinite Wilford, Freddie (MS065065) MS 06/14/02 30 days Wilkerson, Randy (00000000) MA 03/15/96 indefinite Wilkens, Shawn (00000000) NJ 07/21/01 needs catscan & neuro Wilkins, Curtis (PA041467) PA 06/04/02 60 days Will, Jay (referee) FL 09/26/92 permanent Williams, Charles (00000000) NJ 08/11/00 needs catscan, neuro & ophthalmological exam Williams, Dwain (CA044771) CA 06/18/02 45 days Williams, Earl (00000000) FL must pay $400 fine Williams, Harold (00000000) FL abnormal MRI Williams, Jeremy (CA036191) NV 06/07/02 until 07/23/02 Williams, Jesse (00000000) FL 03/15/91 must pay $1200 fine Williams, Jonathan(OH038103) KY/IN 05/11/96 indefinite Williams, Jose (NY018880) PA 11/07/00 indefinite Williams, Ken (SC039591) SC 11/29/01 indefinite Williams, Lakeya (00000000) MO/ABC11/17/98 retired by MO/needs ID card Williams, Leslie (00000000) FL must pay $500 fine Williams, Luther (manager) MD 02/20/98 must pay $50 fine Williams, Mike (NJ048633) NJ 09/25/97 must pay $500 fine Williams, Perry (OK063318) CA 05/21/02 license denied Williams, Ricardo (OH060225) NY 04/15/02 indrfinite Williams, Richard (MO061293) IL 08/12/01 needs EEG, catscan & HIV test Williams, Robert (FL042871) FL 06/27/98 needs MRI & neuro Williams, Roosevelt (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Williams, Samuel (00000000) WI needs EEG, catscan Williams, Sherman (FL048410) NV 04/21/02 must renew Frd ID card Williams, Shirvell(FL049480) MS 06/07/02 18 days Williams, Tracy (FL047485) FL 05/25/02 60 days Williams, Warren (TN017466) NY 02/25/00 must renew Fed ID card Williams, Willie (GA033058) NV 01/22/02 must turn physical exam report Willis, Anthony (MO028267) NV 06/01/02 until 08/01/02 Willis, Arthur (TN021171) GA 01/27/00 must renew Fed ID card Willis, Karl (00000000) NJ 06/11/02 90 days Willis, Mack (00000000) NJ 06/01/02 30 days/needs cardio evaluation Willis, Steven (00000000) TN indefinite Wills, Damian (00000000) CA 01/18/01 call CA Wills, Justin (NE054800) NE 05/21/01 permanently retired Wilson, Anthony (TX057942) TX 06/04/02 30 days Wilson, Arthur (CT007236) CT 04/17/00 must renew Fed ID card Wilson, Derrick (00000000) NY needs catscan, EEG Wilson, Duron (NY043296) NV 11/12/99 needs catscan, neuro, cognitive test & cardiovascular exam Wilson, Durvel (PA048950) PA 07/30/98 $100 fine/must give negative drug test to PA Wilson, Kevin (00000000) MA 01/28/95 indefinite Wilson, Lee (00000000) Manitoba indefinite Wilson, Morgan (PA047041) NY 06/21/02 45 days Wilson, Tim (00000000) NY indefinite Wimbish, Jason (CA062889) CA 09/27/01 indefinite Wingfield, Donnell(OH011634) NY 10/12/01 indefinite Winmon, Gary (00000000) MA 05/24/02 indefinite Winstead, Andy (00000000) MA 02/25/95 indefinite Winterfield, Troy (IL061546) IL 10/26/01 needs EEG Wise, Willy (NY020450) NY 04/25/02 60 days/needs brain-catscan Witherspoon, Steve Saleem (second) NC 06/30/99 must pay $500 fine Wofford, Danny (SC017397) SC 07/13/00 poor performance/in SC Wohlert, Mike (00000000) GER 05/11/02 until 6/22/02 Wolfe, Ann (TX052744) TX 06/21/02 18 days Wong, Andy (00000000) ONT 05/12/98 indefinite Wood, John (MD064254) PA 03/20/02 90 days Woodward, Euylsses(00000000) LA 06/15/02 30 days Woods, Robert (00000000) PA indefinite/1-45 record Woody, George (00000000) PA indefinite/failed drug test/ $100 fine/re-test Word, Booker (MI012065) MS 05/20/99 indefinite Worton, Glenn (NJ049118) NY 04/12/01 must renew Fed ID card Wright, Adrianne (PA051088) NJ 11/07/98 retired in NJ Wright, April (00000000) MD 06/20/97 indefinite Wright, Chad (OH060528) IN 09/30/01 needs updated HIV test Wright, Chris (CA036680) AZ 03/25/01 indefinite/call AZ or CA Wright, Davin (00000000) NJ 09/06/97 needs EEG Wright, Nelson (IN064557) IN 06/01/02 30 days/needs HIV test Wright, Stanley (NJ027697) NJ 02/19/98 needs EEG Wright, Terrence (NY009159) MA 02/27/99 indefinite Wright, Vernard (OH011378) MO 12/02/99 license retired Wynant, Adam (00000000) WI 04/13/00 needs new physical Wynn, Raymond (00000000) NY needs EEG, catscan Yampier, Luis (PR026642) FL 06/06/98 must pay $500 fine Yates, Brian (IN036279) IN 04/28/01 ophthalmologist must ok Yelton, Jeremy (SC060750) NC 01/24/02 indefinite Yguado, Fernando (NM051654) NV 01/06/01 must renew Fed ID card Young, Antonio (00000000) MI 05/10/95 must pay fine Young, Darrell (00000000) WI needs EEG or catscan Young, James (MS013736) OK 04/04/02 needs MRI Young, Waklimi (PA055297) PA 05/17/02 60 days Yuen, Derek (kick-box) NV 05/03/02 until 06/30/02 Zamudio, Ysaias (CA017708) CA 03/16/01 indefinite/call CA Zarate, Jorge (second) CA 08/21/01 indefinite Zatarin, Jesus (TX043390) CA 04/27/02 doc must ok both eyes or 60 days Zavala, Adan (FL001309) FL 06/27/98 needs MRI & neuro Zenchenko, Vlad (00000000) ONT indefinite Zertuche, Jose (CA060790) NV 06/07/02 until 08/07/02 Zoff, Stefano (NV021498) NV 11/13/99 neurologist must ok Zola, Richard (00000000) CT 05/19/00 needs neuro clearance Zola, Richard (MA011334) MA 08/30/01 indefinite Zordion, Brian (OH087546) FL 05/25/02 60 days Zorechak, Frank (NY055365) PA 10/12/01 fine $100/must provide negative drug test to PA Zubia, Humberto (TX048841) NY 11/13/00 indefinite Zulewski, Andy (promoter) SC 10/30/01 indefinite/must pay $1000 Zulewski, Andy (promoter) TN 05/06/02 indefinite/must pay taxes Zulu, Mahenge (PR028781) PR 04/03/98 needs EEG & neuro exam Zuniga, David (00000000) MON 07/14/98 indefinite Zuniga, Laureano (second) TJ 04/23/02 1 year Zurita, Maribel (TX061053) TX 06/21/02 12 days

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